10 Bathroom Problems to Look out for and Fix Immediately

10 Bathroom Problems to Look out for and Fix Immediately

10 Bathroom Problems to Look out for and Fix Immediately

Most people do not take bathroom problems like shower leakages seriously. This in the end leads to accumulation of high water bills and in worse cases, a part of their houses starts to self-destruct due to formation of molds. To save yourself from unnecessary repair costs and high water bills, lookout for these 10 bathroom problems and fix them using the minimal time possible.

1. Check the water pressure

At times when you the water pressure in your bathroom drops, the most likely cause for this is formation of limescale.  You can solve this problem by descaling the limescale using a descaling solution of your choice.  

2. Running toilet

High water bills do not necessarily mean that you are using a lot of water. In some instances, your running toilet may be causing a big dent to your pockets. However, it is important to note that is one of the trickiest bathroom problems to discover because if you do not check under the tank, you might never notice that anything is amiss. Check to see if your chain is in place or is located in a place that is very high for the float. If the chain is out of place, make the necessary adjustment that will see the system run well again.

3. Smells from sewer

If you notice a bad smell coming from your sewer, chances are that it is blocked, there is formation of mould in the system or there is a standing water leak. In cases, where you can remove the dirt from the sewer, do so with extreme care. If the system is complicated, contact a professional plumber quickly.

4. Check the ventilation

A good bathroom is one that has good ventilation and has the right levels of humidity at all times. If you notice that the humidity in your bathroom stays for longer after showering, check the vents to endure that they are all working. In case of a non-working fan, replace it immediately.

5. Remove molds

Many people tend to ignore molds and mildew not knowing that their continued accumulation might lead to respiratory tract problems. Many remedies are available for molds including remodeling the affected parts or removing them manually at their early stages.

6. Replace leaky shower heads

Many bathrooms experience this problem and many homeowners tend to ignore it. However, study shows that such leakages contribute a lot in making the water bills higher and if not fixed at an early stage, they may cause serious financial problems.

7. Check the faucets

Just like leaky showerheads, many people ignore leaky faucets and in the end turning up to be costly. However, if you notice a faulty faucet, fixing it is easy. simply shut off the water and remove the faucet carefully. If you do not have the expertise, take it to a hardware for professional advice.

8. Slow drainage systems

The drainage of a house must be at its best for you to have a good and working bathroom. Slow drainage systems are mainly caused by collection of small debris that clog the pipes therefore limiting the flow of water. You can solve this problem by using a drain snake or pour hot water into the drainage system.

9. Unclog clogged drainage system

Sometimes the drainage system might fail to work completely due to clogged systems. More often than not, you will require the services of a professional plumber if this happens. After that, you can employ the tricks used in fixing slow drains to take care of your drainage system.

10. Clogged toilet

Clogged toilets come because of stuffing polythene bags and other materials that are not toilet friendly down the system. These materials make the toilet to clog and you may require the services of a plumber to fix this. after using the toilet, ensure that all the materials in the bowl are fit for flushing before doing the same.


The bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house. However, you are required to be on a constant look out for possible bathroom problems to ensure that you are getting the best out of this facility. Always fix leaky shower heads, unclog the drainage and check the ventilation amongst other activities for its proper working.Click to know more.

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