10 Lazy ways for a Spotless Home-Need to Know Everyone

10 Lazy Ways For a Spotless Home

Keeping a clean and neat home can be a tough task, especially when you have no house help. Do you envy your friends clean and tidy home? Is keeping your home clean, not your thing?  Or do you always end up procrastinating cleaning your home? Do last-minute guests make your nervous and jittery? 

The Top Ten Tips to Help You Make Your Home Look Spotless – Without the Extra Work

Here are ten ways you can use to keep your home spotlessly clean. If cleaning is not your jam and you still want to fake a clean house, these tips and tricks are sure going to help you keep your home clean.

10 Lazy ways for a Spotless Home

1. Animal Fur

Do you have a four-legged pet at your house? That makes cleaning a tedious task. No matter how hard you clean, your pet is going to ruin all your efforts. Worst scenario?  Last-minute guests. How can you clean your furniture when you have last-minute guests? Here's a hack for the same. Take a rubber cleaning glove and wet it lightly. Then rub your hands over cushions,  mattresses, or other items with your pet's fur clinging on to it. The coat will easily stick to the glove because of static friction, and this way, you can keep your area free of all the fur.

You can also cover your furniture with plastic wrap so that you can easily clean the fur on the surfaces of the furniture pieces. Another easy option is to vacuum your place frequently so that the hair does not make your dirty and untidy.

2. Laundry Sorter

Do you have huge piles of laundry at your home, making your place look shabby? An easy way to keep your laundry seem neat is by using a laundry sorter.  The laundry sorter has different sections so that you can segregate your clothes according to their color so that they don't end up ruining other garments with the same.

 This way, you can avoid getting your favorite clothes, drenched in different colors. The laundry sorter will be extremely beneficial for you, and you will not end up mixing your clothes. Also, these make your space look instantly.

3. Dishwasher

If you think that dishwasher is just for cleaning your dishes, then you might be undermining the abilities of the machine. You can practically sanitize and make anything and everything using the dishwasher. Try throwing your shoe or another item that you need to wash and let the dishwasher work its magic. The dishwasher can make your task easy and will add more help to your cleanliness than reduce. But make sure you do not end up destroying the dishwasher in the process.

4. Cleaning toilets

Do you hate cleaning toilets and feel disgusted while cleaning your toilets? Here's a hack for you. All you need is toilet cleaning tablets. These are readily available in the market. Just plop in 2 tablets in the toilet bowl and watch the acidic effervescence work its magic. Leave the pills in the pan for an hour or two and then flush the toilet to bring back the shine.

You might need a few strokes of the brush to clean the toilet bowl, but that's just it. This is way better than the chemicals that you have to pour. And the best part you can also keep your face away from the bowl. This hack easily cleans your toilet bowl, without you feeling awkward or discomfiture.

Are you brushing your teeth? How about you pour mouthwash into your toilet bowl? No kidding! This works. The chemical from the toothpaste helps in cleaning the surface of the toilets. Pour over a ¾ cup of mouthwash into the toilet bowl and wait for an hour. Now scrub the covers with a toilet brush, and your toilet will be sparkling and clean!

Another interesting way of cleaning your toilet bowl is by emptying a can of coke and let it sit for about an hour and a half. Then clean the surfaces with a toilet brush.

5. Messy Dishes

If you are someone who hates cleaning dishes, then this hack will help you wash your dishes within minutes. If you have a dishwasher, then you can use it, but in case you do not have a dishwasher, then you can use this hack. Before you start cooking, fill your sink with hot water and add drops of dish wash solution in the tub.

As you start cooking, put the empty pots and pans that you don't need into the sink so that all the dirt is soaked, and you can easily wash the utensils. You can even watch your favorite show while washing your dishes and enjoy washing your dishes rather than feeling lazy or bored. 

Organize your dishes. A little organization can be handy if you have a sink full of dishes to clean. This way, your space will look tidy, and this will also help you wash the dishes quickly and easily. Dish soap also makes cleaning the dishes an easy task. Use a dish soap that is gentle on your hands so that you do not end up destroying the skin of your hand.

6. Bathroom tiles

Too lazy to clean your bathroom? Find it difficult to clean your bathroom after some time?  Here's a hack for you! While bathing, take a sponge full of soap and squeegee and quickly wipe down your toilet. This way, you easily clean away your bathroom. 

Also, this will prevent significant soap from building on the walls of bathroom tiles.  The steam from your shower loosens all the grime from the walls of the bathroom, making it easy for you to clean. This saves your time, and you also et to clean your bathroom efficiently.

7. Clean your machine

Do you have a stinky washing machine?  Wondering how you can clean your washing machine? You can run your device on the hot-water cycle with bleach added to the detergent drawer. After the cycle is finished, keep the door of the washing machine open so that it dries naturally and ultimately. 

Although the detergent does wash off the interiors of the device, this hack is sure to keep your washing machine from smelling.  If your device still has a foul smell, then there might be something hidden there. You may want to look out for rodents that could have got stuck.

8. Clean your shower head

Is your shower head clogged with grease and grim? You can quickly get rid of the oil with this hack! You don't clean your shower pan from time to time now, do you? Although cleaning your showerhead might seem to be tough, it sure isn't that tough.

All you have to do is fill a plastic bag with vinegar and water. Wrap this plastic bag around your shower head; this mixture will help loosen the scum. You can now easily remove the bag and wipe away the grime and grease sticking to your shower head.  Enjoy your shower now! 

9. Microwave cleaning

You need to take a lot of precautions while using your microwave. Cleaning a microwave can be the trickiest task. Use a microwave-safe bowl and fill it water. Add a few slices of lemon to the water and allow the water to boil.

The water and lime mixture loosens all the gunk and grime from the surfaces of the microwave. Now you can easily clean the surface of the microwave with a paper cloth or your kitchen wipes. Isn't this hack easy and safe?

10. Easy way to iron your clothes

Don't have time to iron your clothes? Collect all your laundry in the shower, hang up all the items on the clothing rod, and enjoy your bath. The clothes will soak all the steam from your bathroom and light and eliminate the wrinkles from your clothes. 

This way, you can easily enjoy your shower and wear crisp and well-ironed clothes. This hack saves your time as well as your efforts!

These ten tips will ensure your house remains clean, and you don’t have to worry about doing that extra work for it. These tips, after all, are pretty simple to take care of.

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