8 Bathroom Safety Tips That Will Help Protect Your Kids-Need to Know Everybody


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

8 Bathroom Safety Tips That Will Help Protect Your Kids

8 Bathroom Safety Tips That Will Help Protect Your Kids

The bathroom space is the most essential and crucial utility in a home. But with its importance, comes the responsibility of ensuring safety is maintained. Having kids at home means you need to take extra precautionary measures to keep them safe when in the bathroom. This is because there are a lot of hazards in this bathing space, and if caution is not taken, these hazards may end up causing harm.

If you have a young one in your home, then you understand the importance of making sure that the whole house is childproof. The bathroom should never be exempted, and here, safety should be highly regarded.

Every parent's dream is to keep their kids out of the emergency room. That’s why child safety should be prioritized in bathrooms, and nothing should be left to chance. To realize this, you need to learn a few bathroom safety tips that can help keep your kids safe and protect them.

Here is a list of some of the essential and critical safety tips that you can practice in the bathroom to keep your kids from harm’s way.

Always make sure that your kids are attended when in the bathroom

Kids are devious creatures, and when left alone, they’ll always be up to something. That's their nature and it’s the responsibility of the parent to look after them. When in the bathroom, it is vital never to leave your kids alone or unattended. Even after removing all the hazards that may endanger your kid’s life, your eyes should be on them all the time.

If you fail to watch them, they may drink the dirty soapy water or doing something mischievous which may cause harm to them. Also, there have been cases where toddlers have drowned in the bathing water because they were left unsupervised.

These are just a few situations that show how dangerous it is to leave kids alone in the bathroom during shower time. Hence, when kids are in the bathroom, it’s imperative to ensure that someone is looking after them.

Never leave the bathroom surface wet and install non-slip tiles

The leading cause of deaths in the bathroom for both kids and adults is slipping and falling. This is mainly caused by the soapy water left after taking a shower and shower pan. To avoid this, you should always dry the bathroom surface after a bath. When at it, you should also empty the soapy water left behind.

Sometimes, after wiping the surface, the tiles could still be slippery, which could make someone with wet feet slip and fall. Today, you will find non-slip tiles, and for the safety of your kids, you should install these tiles in your bathroom. There are also non-slip mats, which can be an option since they perform the same function. Doing this, you keep your kids falling in the bathroom, thus protecting them.

Keep medicine and other hazardous objects out of reach from kids

Kids are adventurous, and every day is a learning day. This leads to mischievousness because of their need to want to know. That’s why if not adequately watched, they can experiment on anything. Most home bathrooms have storage cabinets where medicine and cosmetics is stored. Since we all know the dangers of overdosing on medication or chemicals, you should ensure that the storage cabinets are entirely locked.

Hazardous objects such as razors, scissors, nail files, and tweezers should be kept far from reach by kids. These objects can pose a grave danger hence kids should not play around with them. After use, you should store them in a locked cabinet, and this is something you should never forget to do if you are to protect your kids.

Installing toilet lids with lock and covering all faucets

For your kid's safety in the bathroom, you have to look at every hazard that may put your child's life in danger. You should make sure that your toilet is childproof. This is important, especially if, by any case, your child enters the bathroom unsupervised. Make sure that you never leave the toilet seat up, and to deter them from opening the lid, install a toilet cover lock. This is essential because you don’t want your child playing with toilet water, and with their curiosity, they may end up drinking it.

Another bathroom safety fan measure to consider is covering all faucets in the bathroom. These are not toys, and especially if you have a hot water tap, this should be sealed. For toddlers, this hot water can be very harmful.

Keep away electrical appliances and cover power outlets

Electrical appliances such as blow dryers and shaving machines should be locked in a cabinet after you're done using them. If you leave them lying around, kids can pick them up and drop them in a bathtub full of water, and this can risk your child's’ life. You should note that even in situations when the power is off, but the appliance is still connected to a power outlet, there is a risk of electrocution.

 You also need to buy socket covers and make sure that all power outlets are sealed. If not sealed, kids may end up inserting objects in the power outlets, which is dangerous. If possible, you can have the power outlets mounted in a high position where children can’t reach. This will eliminate the need to cover them.

Cover sharp edges with rubber bumpers and keep bathroom keys away from locks

All sharp cabinet edges should be covered using rubber bumpers to minimize the risk of injuries in case your child falls and hits the sides. Considering that kids don’t have the best balance, then slipping in the bathroom sometimes is bound to happen. If these edges are left unattended, they can cause severe injuries to your kid, forcing you to run to the E.R.

You should also Keep bathroom keys away from the door at all times. When keys have been left in the lock, a child may lock themselves in the bathroom. If any emergency was to occur at that time, gaining access to the bathroom may be a daunting task.

Sometimes, a child might lock themselves in the bathroom and be unable to unlock it. In such situations, if you don’t have an extra key, you might be forced to break down the door. Thus, for your kid’s safety and to protect them, never leave bathroom door keys in the lock.

Check the water temperature

Before putting your toddler in the bathtub, you need to check the temperature of the water and make sure that it’s right. For a baby, the best water temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. If you have means, you can buy a thermometer to take the temperature of the water before you start bathing your child. If not, you can use a sensitive part of your skin to check the water temperature. By doing this, your child gets protected from getting burnt.

8 Bathroom Safety Tips That Will Help Protect Your Kids

Final Thought

Hazards in the bathroom are there and can be dangerous if not correctly dealt with. The above tips are a few measures you should take for the safety of your child in the bathroom. By adhering to these precautions, you will be able to protect your kid when in the bathroom. Above all the one thing that you should never do is leave your child in the bathroom unattended. Make sure they are supervised if you want to enhance their safety in the bathroom.

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