The Top Five Bathroom Shelving Ideas


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Can you guess the special place from where you start and end your day? It’s neither the kitchen nor the bedroom, it’s drumroll  your bathroom. It’s here you plan your rest of the day while going about your business, take a shower to energize yourself and get ready in front of the mirror, do your makeup, style your hair, etc.; get ready to take on the world.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a bathroom is the most important place in every household since not only it’s the first place you go to get ready but can enjoy a little me time or give yourself a spa by taking a relaxing bath after a tiresome workday.

And of course, if you are a bathroom singer, then your concert hall should be a well-lit, well-organized space. It is no doubt also the most intimate part of the house.

How do you use your bathroom?

Everyone uses the bathroom safety according to their needs. For people, it could be a bathroom-cum-makeup room, a bathroom-cum-laundry room, or a room to escape to aka a mini spa.

The possibilities are endless! But one thing is for sure we don't pay much attention to detail when it comes to designing our own bathroom. Thus it can easily get cluttered, and you might run out of storage space.

Whether you have a big bathroom or a small one, whether you want a chic, stylish look or more functional space; organized storage can transform your space to store the plethora of items without making your space look cluttered. Using shelves in your bathroom for storage can kill two birds with one stone as it would be a space-efficient choice as well as can add to the decor.

The Top Five Bathroom Shelving Ideas for You

So, here are the top five shelving ideas through which you can make your bathroom the bathroom of your dreams.

Here are top five shelving ideas for you.

Inbuilt Shelves

Inbuilt shelves are a space saver, so if you have a small bathroom, then this is a great way to create space without creating clutter.  Get rid of those bulky medicinal cabinets off the wall because for a small bathroom, it can easily take up space and you might feel overwhelmed as soon as you enter the bathroom.

So, if you are remodeling the house, you can make horizontal or vertical space into the wall and add shelves in it. It depends on you; if you want to keep it bare or cover it with a mirror.

Having a mirror in the bathroom is functional, but it can also make space look bigger than it actually is. You can either display your decor such as tiny plants or use it as a functional space by storing you’re your bathroom essentials.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have its fixings hidden inside the walls, and all you could see are the shelves that appear to be floating. They definitely give a clean and chic look. If you want to update the look of your bathroom and go modern instead of choosing the traditional route then floating shelves are the way to go.

They also act as a space saver. If you have a small bathroom, then also you can use these kinds of shelves to actually add space without adding to the dimensions of the wall.

You can also hang a floating shelf above your door as an out of the sights shelf where you can store your essentials that are not used very often.

DIY Shelves

These are really fun since it’s Do-it-yourself. If you are discarding your old furniture, wait a minute, how about tap into your creative side? Before discarding old vanity, drawers, even a cake tray, think about how you can fix them. You can give them a lick of paint. Also, add a waterproof coat of paint on top because they will be exposed to moisture and material like wood might get spoiled easily if not protected properly.

You can also use metal baskets and hang them on the vertically, i.e., mount the base of the basket onto the wall and use it to store your tiny bottles, towels etc.

An easy and luxurious DIY is to take a plank of the wood and cut it according to the measurement of your bathtub. Make sure the end lie on the brim of the tub, and you can use it to store your bath salts, scrubber, and can even eat and place your drink in while relaxing in the warm water.

You can also stack baskets or buy those mini shelving and storage units from stores such as IKEA to add to the furniture that you already have but are unable to utilize it properly.  By adding cabinets to the already existing area, you are efficiently using the space and secondly organizing the already existing items means that now you can find your things easily and in a well-organised manner.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If your bathroom is big, then surely you will have a lot of things and you might need a lot of storing options. With a vast space in hand, you can use multiple types of shelves to store your items. You can use the top of the wall to cover it with cabinets and section them by adding shelves to keep things according to your need.

You can also mount a bookshelf to store the things that you want on display.

You can choose bold, chunky wall-mounted shelves or can go for a minimalist look.

Cubby-Style Shelves 

Cubby shelves can be really good for utilizing small space. You can buy a slim horizontal cupboard which can be divided into opened shelves and cabinets.

Utilizing the corner space can save you a lot of space while providing you with a lot of space. Go for an L-shaped or triangle shaped corner storage unit.

You can even stack the shelves and create your very own vanity.

If you already have cupboards or vanity, then you can upgrade them by adding shelves. You can buy the shelves from the market, just measure your space and find the one that will fit or you can use your DIY skills here as well.

You can also use free-standing cubby shelves to store clothing, essential and electronic items to protect them from the water.

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