The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor Reviews 2022


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor


Do you want to get rid of the odor when you enter the bathroom? Are you done with the too much moisture gathered in your bathroom while you are in there? Well, getting a bathroom exhaust fan can work wonders then. It is not just the moisture that comes in the bathroom. with it comes the water vapors that get stuck on the bathroom tiles. 

This further provides the base for bacteria to grow. All of this causes the walls to get wet and slippery, ultimately giving off a bad odor. There are various designs and brands to choose from and most buyers don’t know how to choose the best bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor

There are so many bathroom exhaust fans available in the market. Question is, how do you choose which the best one for you? With so many options already prevailing, it becomes necessary to analyze each one of them according to your needs. Most of the bathroom exhaust fans available in the market promises to protect you from the damp air and bad safety bathroom odor. However, after spending on them, all they might give you in return is noise.

Go for the one which comes with the humidity sensor. You can get notified as to when your remodeling bathroom requires fresh air.

Who’s got time to dive into the details of a piece of bathroom exhaust fan that is sold in the market? You don’t really have to go through all the struggles of checking the websites of all of them. Instead, our guide on the best bathroom exhaust fans can help.

Selecting the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor  2021


Product Name



Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH

Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC (Editor’s Choice)

Broan-NuTone ZN110HL Ultra Series

VIVOSUN 8 Inch 720 CFM Inline

BV Ultra-Quiet 110 CFM

Top Reasons You Need The best humidity sensing bathroom fan

i. Remove Odors

When you get into the bathroom, does your nose get puckered? Do you sense a faint smell of sewage or a bad odor coming from somewhere? You probably take the room freshener or deodorant and spray it all over. After sometime, when you again enter there, the smell doesn’t go. You decide on cleaning the bathroom but again the smell lingers.

Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan would have helped you draw out the odor and wouldn’t have allowed the formation of that nasty odor in the first place.

ii. Reduces Air-borne Contaminations

When your bathroom is locked instantly after use, the dampness in the air gets locked too. The dark and damp room gives rise to the formation of fungi and other air-borne diseases. You may use chemicals to eradicate the fungi but inhaling these chemicals can cause further health hazards.

The use of Bathroom exhaust fan, in this case, will help you to eliminate these spores before they grow. This will slow down the growth of mold. In turn, the amount of air-borne contaminations will reduce in your bathroom considerably. 

iii. Eliminates Humidity

Withdrawal of humidity is the primary function of any bathroom exhaust fans. Condensation of water vapors can cause the bathroom to get moist. This imposes you to several bacterial or fungal infections, bad odor or even causes your bathroom tiles to get peeled off.

One way to dehumidify your bathroom is by opening its windows and doors. However, this doesn’t guarantee you the result. This is when the role of a bathroom exhaust fan comes into action. It can alert you and starts working automatically when the humidity level is at its epitome.

iv. Saves the Renovation Cost

Too much moisture for too long in your bathroom can certainly cause infections. The other thing to make note of that it also causes the tiles or the walls of the bathroom to become moist. This causes the outer layer of the wall or tile to get peeled off.
So now it is not just about the health hazard but the pocket too. When you have the choice of saving your bathroom before it turns to a whole different zone - why not?

Is buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor Really Necessary?

Most people think that the main purpose of installing a bathroom exhaust fan is to remove the odor. However, it is to eliminate the humidity that is generated from the hot tubs. This humidity gives birth to fungal diseases, encourages the growth of molds and makes the metal taps and fixtures rusty.

A bathroom without an exhaust fan becomes home to a lot of contaminations. Also, it damages walls. That is why keeping a check on humidity is important. Humidity sensor in a top bathroom exhaust fan measures and reports air temperature as well as moisture.

Though this does not mandate the use of a quality bathroom exhaust fan but it definitely gives a strong reason to use one. Those who don’t use it struggle for proper ventilation through the bathroom. Opening windows or doors has proved to be inefficient. Go for a best bathroom exhaust fan with the humidity sensor. 

Things to Consider before Buying a Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

i. Size of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a ventilation device that is just right for clearing up all the locked air out of your bathroom, get the bathroom fan of the right size.  The most important factor for choosing the right sized bathroom fan is CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute). It informs us about the amount of cubic foot of air that has moved per minute. The bathroom fans are rated by the amount of air they are capable of moving.

The less powerful will be the fan, the less will be CFM. The more powerful will be the fan, the more will be CFM. Small fans are ideal for small bathrooms whereas the big ones are ideal for large bathrooms.

ii. Noise Level

Noises can be really irksome while taking a peaceful bath. The sound of bathroom fans is measured in sones. The more the sone, the noisier will be the bathroom fan. So it is important to take note of the sound level of the bathroom fan as a noisy one can create sounds as loud as a jet.

One sone can create the sound of a regular working refrigerator. Two sones will have double the sound. One should consider getting a bathroom fan rated below or two as above that will create more white sound.

iii. Additional Features

Humidity Sensor

With people and phones becoming smart, bathroom fans have also become smart. Humidity sensor in a bathroom fan is turned on when the humidity levels rise up and are ultimately turned off when the level reduces.


Some of the bathroom fans come with an integrated feature of lightning. These may offer daytime lightning or the night time lightning or both. This feature makes some models of bathroom fans different from others.


Heaters help to maintain the warmth in the bathroom while at the same time eliminating the moisture. So you can turn it on if you feel cold.

How does a Bathroom Exhaust fan Work?

Most of you might have a bathroom fan at home or if not then you must be thinking of installing it. But ever wondered how does it work? Well, it is not much technical. Most of the ceiling bathroom fans work on the principle of suction. These bathroom fans draw the warm air, moisture, bad odor, and other air-borne germs out of the bathroom through the vent. This moisture passes out of your bathroom via a tube. In a way, it doesn’t work on technicality but simplicity.

Now, what makes a model different than the other is the power of its suction and how fast it can do its work. Also, what extra does it provide you apart from an odor-free bathroom?

How to clean a bathroom exhaust fan?

i. Before doing anything, just turn off the power button of the bathroom fans so you don’t get electrocuted while cleaning.

ii. Remove the cover by unscrewing it or by pressing the prongs to remove it. Dust may fall in this process so be careful.

iii. Unscrew the hold of the fan and carefully remove the fan. Now clear off the dust with the help of a vacuum.

iv. Then dip a microfiber cloth in soapy water and thoroughly clean the cover and the fan. Be careful while cleaning the wings of the fan. You can also leave the cover soaked in soapy water but not for the fan.


i.Delta Product Corporation 130 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Fixed Humidity Sensor

Rest easy with a bathroom fan that comes on automatically when it needs to. This virtually silent and energy-efficient exhaust fan features humidity sensing functionality. A LED indicator light underneath the grille assures you that this quiet fan is running. 

Engineered with DC brushless motor technology for extended reliability, this fan will outlast many household appliances. The fan is an energy star qualified for efficient cost-saving operation and features a three-year warranty.

Best Part

a.Designed to control moisture

Delta Breez offers high quality and top-performing bathroom ventilation fans of varying sizes, airflow levels, and features. These are designed to control and reduce the moisture in your home. Improve indoor air quality and decrease the risk of health problems.

b.Low energy consumption
Reduce greenhouse gas emission the easy way. Low energy consumption lowers utility bills and reduced emissions help to protect the environment, which in turn benefits you.
c.DC Brushless Motor Technology
Backed over 25 years of innovation and consistent quality, the exhaust fan offers DC brushless motor technology. It is setting a new industry standard for energy efficient performance. The DC brushless motor is engineered to outlast popular AC models by as much as 70%.

It is precision engineered for low sound, down to less than 0.3 sones, the lowest sound rating of any exhaust fan. Delta’s DC is termed to be quiet as breeze as it uses less power to operate.

ii. Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan, Speed Selector, Smart flow Technology, Quiet Air Flow, Long Lasting, Easy to Install (Editor’s Choice)

WhisperCeiling DC Precision Spot Ventilation Fan with built-in Pick-A-flow Speed Selector switch allows you to select your required airflow (50-80-110 CFM). It features an ECM Motor with an installation bracket. It can be used to comply with the latest codes and standards.  Its Flex Z fast bracket provides flexible, fast and trouble-free installation, even from below the ceiling. The lighted models of this product incorporate one long-life, 10W dimmable LED chip panel with < 1 W LED night light for warm and energy-efficient illumination.

Also, this product comes with the trust of Panasonic Eco Solutions which itself is a big brand. The fan is itself a high quality, well-made axial fan. It is electronically controlled, smooth and effective with a great reputation and many positive reviews. It has a switch to select one of 3 speeds based on your square footage.

Best Part

a. Extremely Quiet

This bathroom fan operates at less than 0.3 sones, making it as quiet as a whisper. So this product can prove to be helpful if you want a noise-free bath.

b. Long Life

Panasonic ventilation fans use less energy to move large volumes of air. Less energy leads to less overheating and motor failure, hence, also saving the cost of repair.

c. Easy to Install

It works with 4” and 6” ducts for flexibility in duct layout and design. Flex-Z fast installation bracket is ideal for positioning the fan where you want.

d. Smart flow Technology

When the fan senses static pressure, speed is automatically increased to ensure optimal CFM output.

e. Code Complaint

This product is energy star certified and complies with ASHARE 62.2, LEED, IAP, EarthCraft, California Title 24, Washington VIAQ codes and standards.

iii. Broan-NuTone QTXE110S Ultra-silent Humidity-Sensing Ventilation Fan

Make sure your home is comfortable and has proper ventilation with this product. This innovative ceiling-mount unit discreetly removes odor, eliminates moisture, and prevents excessive humidity to improve the air quality in rooms up to 105 sq. ft. and is engineered for continuous use. Use over the shower or bathtub with a GUFCI circuit. So upgrade your home today.

Best Part

a.Sensaire Technology

Broan Sensaire Technology is a hands-free solution to fight humidity and possible mold problems. It detects a rapid increase in moisture levels at the ceiling, where steam and humidity naturally rise and automatically turns on the fan.


It operates at 110 CFM and 0.7 sones and is motor engineered for continuous operation to provide the best results.

c.Easy Installation

It includes 6” ducting for high-quality performance and hanger bars to provide a fast installation in 2”x8” construction spaces.


This energy star qualifies is HIV certified and UL listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GUFCI protected branch circuit.

e.Modern-style high performance

Blower: Plug-in, permanently lubricated motor-engineered of continuous operation. It has a dynamically balanced centrifugal blower wheel for quiet, efficient performance.

Housing: It has rugged, galvanized steel construction and polymeric duct connector with tapered sleeve and no metallic clatter
Grille: It has an integrated humidity sensor. Its innovative design is the result of extensive research with designers and consumers. 

iv. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6” Incline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

A smart inline duct fan, it’s designed to quietly ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, boost heating/cooling to rooms, circulate fresh air, exhaust projects, and cool AV closets. It can prove to be efficient in bathrooms too.

It features an inline mixed-flow design, the duct fan can maintain airflow even in high static pressure applications. It contains an EC-motor with PWM-control for quiet and energy-efficient performance.

Best Part

a. Intelligent Controller

The controller can be programmed to adjust fan speeds to respond to varying high and low temperatures. For ventilation applications, The controller can be set to run continuously. You can also trigger it to run at customizable speeds when given power, due to its backup memory capability. Additional features include a countdown timer, alarm system, and eco-mode. It includes a detachable 12-foot precision probe that is water-resistant.

b. Quiet and Energy Efficient Design

It features an EC-motor that is controlled using PWM (Plus Width Modulation). This technology enables motors to be able to run smoothly at extremely low RPM speeds. It does this without generating additional heat or noise. In addition, the duct fan uses a mixed-flow design using a stator blade and dual hydrodynamic wind circle.

This gives it a high static pressure rating. It’s what enables it to deliver airflow even in applications where air movement is being restricted. The motor houses dual ball bearings rated at 67,000 hours. This allows the duct fan unit to be mounted in any direction and it performs well under harsh conditions also.

v. Leviton IPHS5-0LW Decora in-Wall Humidity Sensor and Fan Control, Single Pole Hole

The Leviton IPHS5-1LW offers a convenient way to reduce the condensation in home. You don’t have to worry about areas prone to dampness and high humidity, like bathrooms toilet and basements. The humidity sensor and fan control automatically detects excess humidity in a room.

Then, it responds by turning on the ventilation fan. The sensor continues to monitor the air and automatically turns off the fan when the humidity level has dropped. The humidity sensor and fan control; can help reduce energy usage by operating the fan only when needed to control excess humidity.

Best Part


The Leviton IPHS5 features three user-friendly adjustable settings for customized control to suit the specific ventilation needs of the room.

b. Sensitivity Adjustment

The sensitivity adjustment can be adjusted to low, medium or high. This will determine at what level of humidity the fan will automatically turn on. When set to ‘high’, the sensor is highly sensitive. It will respond to the change in the ambient air and will activate the fan at the earliest signs of humidity. In a ‘low’ setting, it will take a higher level of humidity in the air for the sensor to respond and activate the fan.

c.Time Control

The time control can be adjusted to set the minimum on-time of the fan which can be 10-45 minutes.

d. Dual Function

The Humidistat has a dual function. It is used to turn on the air cycle mode or to adjust the humidity range set points which set the minimum humidity level at which the fan will operate.


Wondering what’s right for you? What really matters is the type of model you are looking for. Almost each best bathroom exhaust fan that you will find in the market has the basic features. You will have removal of odor, humidity reduction and suspension of bacterial infections in the air. However, this doesn’t make it unique.

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