The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light And Heater Reviews 2022


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: February 01, 2021

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater

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Most people go in for a bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of the odour and to improve ventilation. It tends to get quite uncomfortable otherwise. Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for several chemical compounds, mould and other microorganisms.

With exhaust fans, you can get rid of chemical-laden air freshener compounds that could be harmful to your health. Yes, moisture could be potentially dangerous for your health and also for your bathroom.

Top Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light And Heater

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Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Ventilation Fan, Quiet Air Flow

NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite

NuTone 665RP Heat-A-Ventlite Exhaust Fan

The Top Reasons You Need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

Several homes today, however, come with the latest ventilation techniques and methodologies. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A small military hospital in Finland had suffered from severe damages to their erection due to water. Although the external damages were repaired, hidden damages were difficult to identify. A few years later, four residents of the building suffered from several respiratory diseases.

One of them even contracted pneumonia. Majority of the employees also developed a cough and runny nose.

Another study had children from ten countries. It was seen that mould in the household caused several respiratory diseases. These included wheezing, coughing, allergy, and a variety of other diseases, as per Antova and his colleagues.

A good bathroom exhaust fan will help you to protect both your health and your home. It's all the more important in areas of high moisture and low ventilation.

Why do You Need a bathroom exhaust fan?

A bathroom exhaust fan helps get rid of the stale and impure air from the insides of your closed households. In turn, it offers more ventilation and provides you with good air to breathe. Long-term exposure to moisture and vapor could even peel the walls off their wallpapers and also rust cabinets and fixtures. A bathroom exhaust helps to prevent all these occurrences and more.

Is it really necessary?

Get rid of impure compounds, moisture and humidity and also protect yourself from diseases. The best Bathroom exhaust fans today come with everything from a humidity sensor, motion sensor, to a night light and even a Bluetooth speaker.

How does it work?

Look for a bathroom exhaust fan by its style, performance and features.

- The Exhaust Fan’s ability to move air is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter). It uses the principle of suction in order to absorb odour and other harmful components from your bathroom.

- The fan then sends it out through a dedicated duct, outside your household.

- To use them more effectively, you should use it for 20 minutes after each bathroom use. It ensures healthy indoors and safe health.

- Noise is also a factor to consider when purchasing an exhaust fan. In the case of a silent bathroom exhaust fan, the noise level is measured in terms of ‘sones’. For less noisy bathroom ventilation, the fan should be rated with 1.0 sones or less.

Another major reason why the quietest bathroom exhaust fans need to be used is to get rid of foggy mirror syndrome. It helps to eliminate excess fog from your bathroom.

Reasons Why You Need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Here is why you would love to get a best bathroom exhaust fan with a heather and light.

1. Helps to get rid of excess moisture

Eliminate excess moisture from homes and keep the house safe from moulds, allergies and several other diseases.

2. Eliminates water vapour

It helps to remove the vapor that might have accumulated on mirrors and walls, thus getting rid of the foggy mirror syndrome.

3. Helps to have a bath with ease

After a long and hard day at work, all you look forward to is a good and clean bath, to get rid of all the impurities and to freshen up. A modern bathroom exhaust fan helps to build a comfortable space for the occupant, to enjoy a good bath.

4. Improves air quality

A good and quietest bathroom exhaust fan helps to improve the air quality, not just of your bathroom but also of the entire house. You can build a comfortable space for the occupants, that is disease free and has fresh air flowing.

5. Saves cost on the renovation

As your home has proper ventilation, it is also safe from moulds and other diseases. In turn, it helps to save your money, as far as renovation and repairs are concerned.

6. Eliminates odour

One of the main reasons to own a bathroom exhaust fan is odour control. An unpleasant odour in the bathroom can be easily driven out the help of a bathroom exhaust fan. It helps to offer a clean bathroom for the next person while maintaining the ventilation system.

7. Helps you keep Warm

Yes, exhaust fans with light and heater help you keep warm. Your bathrooms can have that sauna-like feel, and your winters will be so cozy. All this while you don’t have to worry about bathroom odor and moisture.

What Should You Keep Note Of? 

But just like a double-sided coin, a bathroom exhaust fan has its own cons as well, which are as follows –

1. Tends to create excess noise

A bathroom exhaust fan tends to emit severe noises while functioning, thus acting as a huge turn off for its function.

2. Lacks enough power

Some exhaust fans tend to lack the required functionality to remove odour or chemical compounds. Be cautious while purchasing the right exhaust fan. You need the exhaust fan to be powerful enough to remove odour.

The 5 Top Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light and Heater You Can Buy

Here are some of the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater that could be just right for you.

1. Panasonic FV-11VH2 Whisper Warm 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, Heat Combination, White/Cream

If you are looking for a fan with a ceiling mounted and heater combination, this the perfect fan to go for. While a bit large, they are quieter and offers more performance. You are sure to get continuous and trouble-free operation for several years. The wheel design allows air to be drawn on both sides allowing more air to enter the wheel. On the other hand, the installation can be challenging, and you may need to call in the experts.

Things to Love

- Designed for large bathrooms

- Can access without the need for overhead/attic access

- Does a good job of pulling moisture out from the bathrooms

2. NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite Heater with Ventilator and Incandescent Ceiling Light, 70 CFM 1500-Watt, White

It provides a 1500W heating capacity with a 70CFM ventilation which helps to improve ventilation in bathrooms with up to 100 square feet. These help you to enjoy that little touch of heat when required. You would love the soft glow to your bathroom with the 7-watt nightlight. However, with 3.5 sones of sound, you wouldn’t want it in your bathroom if it’s a smaller one.

Things to Love

- Comes with a four-function wall switch so that you could get hold of the right buttons to control the right function.

- Comes with a bright 100W incandescent light with help to focus on the details.

- Choose the temperature you need in your bathroom easily.

3. Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

You have the option to toggle light, heater and ventilation, either together or independently. The combination brings makes your bathroom just the right amount of warm.

Things to Love

- Can be used for bathrooms which are large up to 65 square feet

- Provides warmth up to 1300Watt

- The three-way switch offers easy access

4. NuTone QT9093WH Combination Fan/Heater/Light/Night Light, 110 CFM 4.0 Sones with 4-Inch Duct Connector

One of the main reasons to purchase this fan is the powerful and extra quiet ventilation it offers.. You can operate it with a four-function wall switch, either independently or together.

Things to Love

- Offers around 110CFM of ventilation

- Relatively quiet at 4.0 sones though we have ones even quieter on this list

- Heats fast, and your bathroom will be toasty before you know it.

5. NuTone 665RP Heat-A-Ventlite Exhaust Fan with 1300-Watt Heater and 100-Watt Incandescent Light, 70 CFM

Have a small bathroom and looking for the right fit? It has a horizontal duct direction and is accompanied by a 1300Watt heating element. It helps you to have a touch of heat just when you need it. In all, mild, toasty and clean air- what more could you ask for?

Things to Love

- Offers good heating capacity at an economical price.

- Made for rooms up to 65 square feet

- 70CFM ventilation fan providing optimum performance in smaller baths

6. Broan 100HL Directionally-Adjustable Bath Fan with Heater and Incandescent Light

With a high output of 1500Watts, this bathroom exhaust fan comes with an exclusive directionally adjustable design. It also comes with a fluorescent, incandescent light instead. It provides the required comforting warmth to your bathroom, with the required light and heat.

Things to Love

- The sounds created by this machine is as little as 2.0 sones,

- Offers good ventilation of 100 CFM.

- Comes with an HVI certification, which is a test carried out on exhaust fans to test their performance and quality.

- Comes with two options in terms of lighting. You can go in either for an incandescent lighting or a fluorescent lighting machine.

7. Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L 80 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan/CFL Light and Heater

Looking for an exhaust fan that can do it all? Or one that can fit all your needs? The exhaust fan comes with three options.

- Opt for either an exhaust fan with CFL light and heater,

- A machine with just the heater,

- A machine with LED bathroom light fan combo and heater.

The prices vary according to the one you choose.

Things to Love

- It’s quite quiet at 1.5 sones, and easy to operate.

- There is also a built-in thermostat to regulate the temperature accordingly.

- Enjoy a good bath without worrying about it being too hot. It also provides ventilation at 7.6 CFM/Watt.

- Due to severe moisture dealing, it could also lead to corrosion of the metal in case of the fan.

- It comes along with galvanised steel to prevent corrosion.

- The duct is detachable with a 4-inch plastic duct adapter.

8. Broan QTX110HL Ultra Silent Series Bath Fan with Heater and Light

It comes in the ultra-silent range of the top bathroom exhaust fans, provided by the Company ‘Broan’. It has a near silent operation of 0.9 sones and provides ventilation of up to 110CFM. Do note though that you need to have a 20 amp circuit for this exhaust fan to work.

Things to Love

- Offers heating of up to 1500 Watt

- Comes with an exclusive Power Heat design

- The lighting is bright at 120 Watts and 7 Watt nightlight capacity

9. Broan 164 Type IC Infrared Two-Bulb Bathroom Ceiling Heater with Fan, 250 Watt

The most amazing option provided by this machine is it comes with either one bulb or a two bulb option. The price varies accordingly. Be in control of the environment and the ventilation around you. The heat and lighting functions can be controlled separately or together. The ventilation capacity stands at 70 CFM and a sound level no greater than 4.0 sones. Use a 250W BR40-size infrared bulbs for an amazing performance.

Things to Love

- The air and heating capacities have been HVI certified.

- Accompanied with a well-lubricated motor and a 4” round duct connector with tapered sleeves.

- Comes with an attractive white grille, making it look attractive no matter where you install it.

10. NuTone 605RP Exhaust Fan with 1300 Watt Heater, 70 CFM 4.0 Sones, White Grille

Looking for a compact exhaust fan choice that can solve your needs? This product is specially imported by Broan and is 4 inches in size. The ventilation stands at 70 CFM, and it creates sounds of up to 4.0 sones. The heating element of 1300 Watt helps to provide excellent performance in smaller bathrooms. Do note though that it requires a minimum construction space of 2 x 6 inches.

Things to Love

- Comes with a white polymeric grille

- Is attached with an efficient air blower to refresh the bathroom atmosphere. 

11. Air King AK917 Bulb Heater with Exhaust Fan, Single Bulb

It comes with a single bulb or a dual bulb option; customers can choose whatever is preferable to their taste. It operates at a 70 CFM ventilation capacity and has a 4” round metal duct connection collar and damper. When installing, do be careful of the metal casing and the mounting brackets, which have a few sharp edges.

Things to Love

- HVI 2100 certified.

- Easily install this exhaust fan using the included adjustable hanging brackets.

- One of the few single exhaust bulb exhaust fans out there.

- Sucks air right out

12. Aero Pure A716R W 4-Bulb Quiet Bathroom Heater Fan with Light, 90-CFM, White

With a ventilation capacity of 90 CFM, it’s a quite choice out there with just 1.5 sones of noise. It comes along with a multi-function switch and a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. The light, heat and fan functions can be wired separately, depending on your preference.

However, take care not to install this machine directly over a tub or shower enclosure. It comes with anti-blast heat lamps and requires a dedicated 15 amp circuit.

Things to Love

- Does a good job of draining out moisture; your mirror would look the same when you come out of the bathroom!

- Offers a vent fan that can be wired up to as many as four different controls

- Comes with two stacked rocker switches and a 2-gang labelled switch cover

13. Air King AK965 Deluxe Combination Heater with Exhaust Fan, Light and Night Light

A heater with a powerful 1500 Watt capacity, this machine provides adequate heating capacity. You can install it easily with the mounting tab keyhole slots. The frosted moonstone glass lens will not turn yellow or turn brittle like most another plastic lens, attached on such machines. While loud, the heater’s sound wouldn’t bug you much. Also, you may need to call an electrician to help you with the installation – it’s not exactly DIY.

Things to Love

- Can help remove smells in a few minutes

- A powerful heater designed for small to medium sized bathrooms

- Offers a nightlight that’s soothing to the eye

14. Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Solid Wire Element Ceiling Heater

This exhaust fan comes in a pack of 2, 3 or 4 and the prices vary accordingly. It comes with a 1250 Watt heating capacity and radiates heat from an enclosed metal sheathed element. A minimum of 15 amp circuit is required to operate this machine. You can mount it easily, and the required adjustments are already available on the machine.

Things to Love

- With no external venting, the heat energy goes straight back to your home

- Even large bathrooms can get as humid as a sauna

- The permanently lubricated motors require zero maintenance

-Bathroom ceiling heater


Who wouldn’t want to breathe fresh air and stay away from diseases? The next time you go in for a repair and renovation for your house, don’t forget to purchase a best bathroom exhaust fan. Keep yourself, and your family members disease free!

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