Best Bidet Toilet Combo Reviews 2019-Complete Buyer Guide

Best Bidet Toilet Combo

Maintaining hygiene is very important in a washroom and an average toilet just doesn’t make the cut for it. When it comes to personal hygiene in a washroom, nothing beats a bidet toilet combo. It is an expensive investment but offers the most relaxing and comfortable experience that a standard toilet cannot offer you.

The smart technology is available in different shapes and sizes, build, materials, designs, and styles. You don’t want to purchase something that you don’t like because you will be spending a lot of money. And for the very same reason, we have a guide to help you out to the find best bidet toilet combo for your house.


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Toto MS920CEMFG#01

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Toto MS992CUMFG#01

Bio Bidet IB835

WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Wood Bridge T-0008

Guide to buying the best bidet toilet combo

Before we begin, it is important to understand what is a bidet toilet combination. When a bidet toilet seat is attached to a china bowl, you get a bidet toilet combo. It offers some amazing features like no-touch automatic flush, warm water, and sprays water to clean the anus and genitals.

Depending on the number of features they offer, the cost differs from $40 to more than $3,000. Here’s the guide to buying the best bidet toilet combo:

1. Electric or non-electric

The cost of the bidet combo changes drastically when you switch from electric to non electric bidet toilet combo. If you are on a budget, go for a non-electric bidet, which is mostly do-it-yourself as you have to pull a level to wash your private parts. You won’t get hot water. However, there are some that connect directly to the hot water supply, which requires professional installation and ends up costing the same as an electric combo.

On the other hand, electric bidet toilet combos are a definition of luxury. It comes with a remote control placed at the side, which you can use to make the bidet do a number of fancy functions apart from the most basic one, which is project water towards your private parts. We suggest you to purchase an electric bidet toilet combo because it has so many benefits that you will be thankful for after using it.

2. Water temperature

If you live in a cold state or country and cannot tolerate the cold water early in the morning, the water temperature feature will come as a blessing. You can either connect the toilet to the hot water line or use water from a mini tank that stores hot water, which is warmed by the bidet. If you connect it to a tank, you can alter the temperature according to your comfort and the increase in degrees is instant.

3. Heated seat

Sitting on a cold toilet seat during the harsh winter season is dreadful, especially because you have to pee so often. A heated toilet seat sounds so comfortable. You turn off the feature during the summers when you don’t need it anymore. Even then you won’t switch it off because you are going to love the warmth.

4. Feminine genitalia wash

Feminine wash is something you absolutely need to have in the bidet toilet combo. There might not be any women in your house currently but you might have guests, who will be females. The feminine wash feature allows you to adjust the nozzle that usually faces towards the posterior. You can adjust its angle to a few inches close to reach the female genitalia. When not in use, you can shift it back to the original position.

5. Adjustable features

There are a number of adjustable features that you might think are unnecessary but come in handy when in use. Some of these adjustable features include water temperature, water pressure, spray width, and nozzle position. The adjustable water temperature feature is important because you don’t want to get burned in case the water is too hot. It is also safe from a child’s perspective for the very same reason.

People like to have different water pressure and spray width options available for better cleaning. Again, your children and elderly people will be using it and too high pressure might hurt them. You definitely don’t want any accidents. An adjustable nozzle position feature is another crucial feature as it allows proper cleaning. People come in all shapes and sizes and if you are buying something make sure everyone in your house finds it comfortable to use.

6. Oscillating cleanse

Oscillating cleanse is luxury feature and not something must be available. With the feature, you can cover a wider area of your posterior region without having to you. It increases the final cost of the combo, so it is completely upon you if you find it necessary or not.

Another type of cleanse feature that bidet toilets come with is pulse water cleanse. It is similar to an oscillating cleanse but you can change the pressure and speed to get rid of the solids that might be stuck to your posterior.

7. Heated air dry

If you are an environmentalist and don’t want to use a toilet paper to dry yourself after the wash, you should getting a bidet toilet combo that comes with a heated air dry feature. An average American uses around 50 pounds of toilet paper every year, which totals to 410 averaged-sized rolls. That’s a lot of waste, which you can save by replacing it with a simple and efficient technology.

The feature is very similar to the air hand dryer you find in restaurant or shopping center washrooms. It uses heat and air pressure to dry your posterior. It dries up well and you won’t need to use toilet paper at all.

8. Extra features

When we talk about extra features, the list is endless. Some extra features that we are in love with include self-cleaning nozzles, air deodorizer, and enema wash. If you get a bidet toilet with a self-cleaning nozzle, you will have one less chore on your list. Washrooms aren’t the best smelling parts of the house and an automatic air deodorizer comes in handy. It doesn’t release a good smell but instead sucks the foul smell, passes it through a filter, and releases clean air.

You have to change the filter every six months, which you can purchase directly from the manufacturer. The enema wash won’t replace the procedure doctors perform but helps during conditions like constipation and hemorrhoids when you are looking for a quick solution. If you have guests come over your house regularly, you might want to consider the nozzle self-sterilization feature. You won’t have to worry about hygiene any longer. Different models use different sterilization methods, which affects the price.

An electric bidet toilet combo is going to raise your electricity bill. However, some systems, though more expensive, come with a power saving mode. You are able to save some units on the bill and conserve energy at the same time.

9. Warranty

Warranty is very limited on bidet toilet combos. Most manufacturers offer up to two to three years of limited warranty on the parts and functioning. But since you are spending a lot of money, you might want to purchase extended warranty for another five years after the manufacturer warranty expires. The electric bidet tends to give some small troubles after a couple of years and the extend warranty will come handy at that time.

One great thing about extended warranties is that they are cheap. You will get a five-year extension at just $20, which is nothing compared to what you will spend on the toilet combo.

10. Cost

The price of a non-electric bidet toilet combo starts at $10 and ends at around $200. Most come with a hook placement, so installation is a breeze unless you want to make a connection between the bidet and the hot water pipe. Electric bidet toilet combos start at $1,000 and go up to $4,000 to $5,000 depending upon the features you are looking for. You will need to hire a professional installer for installing the electric variant, which will cost you another $100 to $300, which depends on the state you live in.


One of the best bidet toilet combos you will ever find, TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 is known for its superior quality and functionality. Priced at $1,960.20, the toilet is completely automatic because all you have to do is sit and the advanced technology will clean and dry for you. Made with vitreous china, the toilet bowl is finished for an ultra-smooth look.

The surface is antimicrobial and prevents the multiplication of bacteria. It comes with a dual flushing system that saves water and energy while ensuring the most hygienic clean. It has three nozzles that create a centrifugal cleansing mechanism to boost the flushing capacity of the bidet toilet.

When you open the toilet cover, the automatic pre-mist sprayer wets the bowl so that the contents of your intestine don’t stick to it and the ceramic surface remains sparkly. After you are done, press the self-cleaning wand button on the remote. Two wands appear in the toilet bowl, one which is projected towards the posterior region and projects water at a higher pressure, while the second one is softer and meant for intimate cleansing. The toilet cover opens automatically when it senses that you are near it so you won’t even have to touch it.

You get five seat - warming temperature settings, which is a huge advantage during the winter when you want to increase the temperature to stay cosy. The TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 bidet toilet combo is perfect for minimalist homes. Other features that it comes with include deodorizer, multiple seat positions, warm-air dryer, and hands-free flush that flushes when you get off the toilet seat.


1. Five different warming temperature for superior comfort throughout the year

2. Minimalist design perfect for modern and contemporary homes

3. Multiple seat positions

4. Hands-free flush for better hygiene


1. Professional installation help required

2. Higher price range

2. TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H

The TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H wins in the Most Hygienic category as it is fitted with an ewater+ function. It turns ordinary tap water into electrolyzed water, which contains home-grade bleach that cleans the toilet bowl during the flush. You won’t have to use bleach to clean it separately. Another wonderful feature you will find in the bidet toilet combo is CeFIONtect, which is a non-porous glaze on the toilet bowl.

The glaze doesn’t let solid matter or bacteria to stick to the ceramic surface and ensures cleanliness and hygiene at all times. The exclusive features don’t end here. Another feature called pre-mist and after-mist function helps to sanitize the bowl before and after you use it. The tornado dual flushing system forcefully ejects water that takes away all solid matter along with it down the drain. It all takes place automatically, so you don’t have to press the flush.

You get three modes of wash with these smart toilet, which include front, rear, and soft wash. Other than that, the adjustable wand helps in easy cleaning. It is a huge benefit for someone who has difficulty in moving the lower part of their body. You can also adjust the water temperature and pressure as you like. The TOTO bidet toilet combo comes with two disadvantages. The design is very simple, so it won’t look good in a traditional or mid-century setting. Also, the sophisticated model requires to be handled with care and needs professional installation services, which can cost you up to $300.


1. Warm-air dryer and water and seat temperature adjustments available

2. Air purifying system immediately clears the bad odor

3. Automatic flush and three modes of wash for superior clean

4. Toilet lid opens and closes automatically

5. ewater+ function for better cleaning


1. Pricey

2. Needs professional installation

3. TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet

A simple and elegant electric bidet toilet combo by TOTO, the MS992CUMFG#01 offers luxurious comfort that none other system can. It is priced at $4,287 and has mostly received positive reviews from users all across the United States. It is an excellent choice for someone who wants to enjoy luxury and price isn’t an obstacle. Using it is as smooth as gliding through snow.

The combo comes with a remote control that you can use to control water temperature and seat temperature. This TOTO model comes with a Double Cyclone Flushing system, which lets you alternate between light and heavy flush system according to the requirement. The light flush uses one gallon of water, while the heavy flush uses 1.6 gallons of water. It has a Soft Close seat with an elongated toilet bowl for better comfort.

You can also change the spray modes effortlessly using the remote control for efficient maintenance of personal hygiene. When you are close by, the lid opens so you don’t need to touch it. The lid closes when you are done and leave the room. It is 575 mm tall, making it convenient for everyone from toddlers to elderly to use. Even though it doesn’t come with a pre-mist function, the water pressure is so powerful that it easily cleans the solid waste stuck on the ceramic surface of the bowl.

The skirted design doesn’t come with any grooves or curves, which makes cleaning and maintaining it easy. The high-end model is definitely worth an investment because it is water-saving and also has a nightlight mode, so you won’t have to switch on the bathroom light when you go to empty the contents in the night.

 2. Requires professional installation


1. Automatic air deodorizer

2. Heated seat and water temperature adjustments

3. Double Cyclone Flushing system saves water

4. Heated air dryer completely dries the posterior, so you won’t need any toilet paper


1. Expensive model  

4. Bio Bidet IB835 Bidet Toilet System

With a seamless and modern design, the Bio Bidet IB835 Bidet Toilet System is the most beautiful bidet toilet combos on our list. The toilet is a great choice for small homes that cannot afford the luxury of space. It is a tankless system, which means the tank or reservoir is hidden inside the wall behind the toilet. The flushing technique is completely automatic and strong, which ensures a good clean.

Unlike other models mentioned in the list, the Bio Bidet IB835 isn’t overly fancy but offers just enough functions for a comfortable experience. It comes with a dual cleansing wand that ejects warm water for cleaning the frontal and posterior regions with ease. Along with the warm air dryer, the toilet is an exceptionally-well constructed model. You can control all the functions using a wireless remote including the automatic flush.

The remote control has a touch screen display, which you can use to adjust the toilet seat and water temperature. It also comes with a special kids feature. It is a huge money saver as you can install it yourself using the simple tools that you have at home. An interesting feature you will only find with this toilet is the massage function. If you are constipated or pregnant and want to massage your posterior for comfort, you can select the option using the remote control. More functions that the toilet offers include an air deodorizer and nozzle pressure adjustment.


1. Easy to install at home

2. Air deodorizer keeps the bathroom odor-free

3. Automatic flushing system

4. Wireless remote control with touch screen display

5. Special kid features


1. Expensive

2. Offers less functions than other models on the list

5. Wood Bridge T-0008

Wood Bridge T-0008 is priced at $777.83, making it one of the most affordable and efficient bidet toilet combos to buy in 2019. It has a height of 2750mm, which is comfortable for most of the people. The contemporary style and elegant look makes it everyone’s favorite. Even though it is made to suit a contemporary home decor, the bidet toilet combo looks just as good in an industrial, mid-century, or traditional setting.

Its flushing system is the product’s highlight. It flushes away a bulk quantity of stools in just one flush and does so using the minimum amount of water. This combo also comes with a dual flushing system that allows you to choose between heavy and light flushes. All credit goes to the toilet’s siphon flushing action that ensures the superior cleaning mechanism and saves water at the same time. Its function is complemented by a self-cleaning nozzle that adds a finishing touch to the cleaning work.

The stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle filters water when you want to use to wash your front region to avoid any urinary tract infections. You can also modify the water pressure depending on which area you want to clean. Like a cherry on top of a cake, the warm air dryer dries you completely. You won’t need a toilet paper, thus saving so many trees. The toilet doesn’t have any grooves and corners, so cleaning it is super easy. It has five adjustable seat temperature to keep you warm and cosy throughout the year. The only thing we don’t like about the toilet is its remote control buttons. They are a little flimsy and get stuck on one function until you press it again.


1. Affordable

2. Design goes along with any type of bathroom decor

3. No grooves and corners for easy cleaning

4. Dual flushing system that saves water

5. Nozzle comes with a filter for washing genitalia


1. Flimsy control buttons

2. Tall for children use


Out of the five, TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H is our absolute favorite. It offers cool features like ewater+ function, CeFIONtect, and pre-mist and after-mist function, which are absent in other models. It is pricey but a great option for those who define comfort with luxury.

WoodBridge T-0008 is another wonderful combo for those who are on a budget. Its modern and contemporary elegant design is difficult to resist. It is a huge water and toilet paper saver and its nozzle sprays filtered water when you are cleaning your genitalia.

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