The Best Brake Line Flaring Tool Reviews 2022-Ultimate Guide


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January, 2021

Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

Looking for a reliable brake line flaring tool? Want to learn how to select the best one from the thousands of options online?

Flaring tools expand the end of pipe fittings allowing them to fit unto each other perfectly. In automobiles, they assist in fitting pipes and hoses like that of the cooling and braking lines. The most important thing to know is there are different types of flaring tools available. For example, a wingnut type and a universal hydraulic flare tool.

You will most likely use the tool for a single job. So, buying the cheapest flare tool kit may seem like the easiest way out. But is it the wisest decision?

Cheap flare tools produce low-quality flares prone to leaking. This can turn an already tiresome job into a nightmare. The best brake line flaring tools consistently produce a perfect flare. For this, we have handpicked five amazing flaring tools for your vehicle. How to choose brake line tools.

Top Brake Line Flaring


Product Name



MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Universal Hydraulic

Titan Tools 51535 3/16-Inch

(Editor’s Choice)

Neiko 20657A ISO/Bubble Flaring Tool Kit

Cal-Van Tools 165 Master Inline Flaring Kit

The Top 6 Brake Line Flaring Tools-Pick one from here 

Find the right brake line flaring tools that you will need – and you can have the productivity you need.

1. Titan Tools 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool

The Titan Tools double flare kit creates a perfect 45-degree double flare on brake lines.  This tool is great for flaring on 3/16” steel, nickel, and copper tubing.

The Titan Tools 51535 flaring tool sports a compact yet user-friendly design. Thanks to it, you can directly repair brake lines in place on the vehicle. This design paired with the removable handle makes it ideal to use in a bench vise too.

The set includes the following components:

  • One Flaring tool with removable handle
  • One positioning bolt
  • A double-ended OP1/OP2 punch
  • A container of die lubricant
  • Usage instructions


The Titan Tools 51535 flaring tool features an easy-to-use and compact design. It allows you to create perfect inverted 45-degree double flares on the go. The compact construction enables using it directly on the vehicle. This makes repairing and removing brake lines a breeze.


  • An amazing tool to create an inverted 45-degree double flare.
  • Supports on the vehicle use saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Removable handle if you prefer to use it in a bench vise.
  • Usable on almost all trucks and cars.
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions in the box.


  • Limited use as it only works on 3/16” tubing.
2. Neiko 20657A Bubble Flaring Tool Kit Includes Blow-Molded Case

You can use this 9-piece flaring kit on soft steel brake lines that need a bubble-style flare. The package includes four different sized adapters of 10mm, 8mm, 6mm rand 4.75mm tubing. A yoke assembly, wrench/gauge, and flaring bar are a part of the deal.

This bubble flaring tool kit works well for foreign and domestic vehicles. The kit is simple to use so professional mechanics and DIYers can both make the most out of it. Neiko provides all the essentials in a blow-molded case adding to its portability.


This is a flaring kit designed to create bubble-style flare on metric soft steel brake lines. You get four adapters that make it a very versatile brake flaring solution. The addition of a blow-molded case makes the set easy to organize and carry around with you.


  • It makes the bubble flares very easily.
  • Tubing created using this kit does not leak.
  • It is highly portable.
  • The kit works for almost any type of vehicle.
  • It offers reliable bubble flaring for a reasonable price.


  • Not appropriate for heavy usage as some materials may wear out.
3. MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set with Tube Cutter

The MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC is a versatile brake line flaring tool. You can create a perfect 45-degree double flare using this toolset.

The parts are all neatly assembled in a sleek black case to offer portability. It includes many components, they are:

  • Hydra-flare yoke and pump assembly
  • 45-degree flaring cone
  • Mini tube cutter
  • (3) Push connect adapters and die sets
  • (2) GM fuel line adapters and die sets
  • (5) 45-degree flaring adapters and die sets
  • (4) Metric bubble flaring adapters and die sets

These adapters can easily create push connect, GM fuel line, double flare, and bubble flare.


We recommend this tool kit to people who own multiple vehicles with different tubing. The kit also includes a mini tube cutter which is an essential flaring tool. Most flaring tool kits don’t cover all aspects of flaring tubes but this one by MASTERCOOL is one of a kind.


  • Easy to use kit with instructions readily available in the box and online.
  • Includes a stabilizing arm for easy tube forming.
  • Features an enlarged compression area for a better grip.
  • The kit comes with a mini tube cutter.


  • The case may crack after some time.
4. Wostore Flaring Tool Set for Copper Pipe HVAC-Low-cost tool 

This toolset manufactured in the USA is a low cost, easy to access solution for flaring brake lines. Its attachments make a good flare that fits properly without causing any leakage.

The flaring bars ensure maximum grip on the tubing as they are heat-treated for endurance. The set supports flaring copper, aluminum, brass, and mild steel tubing. Using the user manual included in the kit anyone can use it to fabricate flares with ease. With this 7-in-1 flaring tool set vehicle owners can have a sturdy backup for emergencies.


This 7-in-1 toolset by Wostore is a good product. It works just as advertised to get the job done. For the low price, the tool set’s functionality is adequate if not great. The quality and finish may not be as good as other products on this list, but a good product overall.


  • A reliable low-cost tool to get the job done.
  • The product received was securely packed.
  • After flaring, there were no leakages.
  • You get 1 flaring cone, 2 flaring bars, 5 swage fittings, and 1 storage case.
  • Interchangeable adapters to easily convert sizes.
  • Extremely affordable yet performed well.


  • Not a high-quality product. Nonetheless, it gets the job done.
5. Cal-Van Tools 165 Master Inline Flaring Kit for Double and Single Flares

The Cal-Van Tools 165 Master inline flaring kit features a special no-slip design. It includes 3/16-inch, ¼-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch double and single flares. These flares are specially designed to reduce any chance of the tube slipping from the clamp.  

The compact design of this in-line flaring tool allows you to flare in tight spaces too. Using this kit, you can cut the flaring time to half. Since you don't need to readjust it now and then thanks to its double clamp and hex body. Its unique design locks the cone and tube in a perfect line producing flares with least breakage.


All adapters and flaring cone included in the kit are of high-quality. They are sturdy and perform well even on tough job sites. However, we did find bubble flaring difficult with this product.


  • Works phenomenally to fabricate double flare on brake lines.
  • Included cutter gives the tubes a perfect square cut.
  • Dual clamps and hex body provide fixed-grip while flaring.
  • Factory perfect results with minimum leakage.
  • Comes packed in a sturdy grey kit.
  • Slender design permits making flares in tight spaces.


  • Cutter included does not do a great job at cutting regular steel brake lines.

How Do You Choose the Best Brake Line Flaring Tool for Your Vehicle?

Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

If you’re on the hunt for the best brake line flaring tool, this is the place to be. When buying this tool, people overlook certain factors. All they consider is the price and get the cheapest one possible. This negligence, however, is why they end up with a below-average product.

Assuming you know the basics of flaring, we have put together some factors you must consider. 


Remember, you won’t be using the kit most of the time. So, make sure to keep the dimension of the kit in mind when buying. It will enable you to store the kit when not in use without any difficulty.

But make sure it is big enough that you can easily use it.


When buying a flaring tool make sure it can withstand the test of time. Since you won’t be needing it regularly, there are chances it may wear out. Ensure that the materials used are long-lasting and can withstand years of application.


An important thing to consider when buying a brake line flaring tool is its portability. It should give you the freedom of carrying it around without worrying about its weight or size. This feature is especially necessary for professionals who must travel on the job. You cannot travel freely with a heavy toolkit in your hand or the car. Moving it around will only create unnecessary obstructions.


Considering the application is extremely important. What if you end up buying a toolset that does not meet your requirements?

For example, you get a bubble flare set when you need a double flare kit. It will be a complete waste of money and you won’t be able to use it either.


A brake line flaring tool should always be leak-proof. If not, it is of no use. This factor works in sync with the material used to make the flaring tool. Flaring tools made of thick and durable fittings ensure that there are no leaks.

Flaring tool adapters

Flaring tool kits come with many adapters. They help you piece together tricky piping sections if you use the correct size. If a flaring tool kit does not come with adapters, you’ll end up spending a lot on them individually. So, we recommend buying one with adapters, so you get the correct adapters without paying too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

To buy the best brake line flaring tool, it is important to know the tiniest details too. To help you with all the information, here we will answer some FAQs about these tools.

Q1: Is it necessary to double flare brake lines?

Technically speaking, double flaring brake lines is not the only option. You can simply single flare them too. But it is not recommended because they crack easily and cause leakage. Double flaring is the safest option when compared to single flared brake lines.

A double flare is much stronger and helpful for the high pressure in brake systems.

Q2: Why do I need to flare brake lines?

You must flare brake lines to ensure the longevity of the vehicle and keep yourself safe.

Q3: What are the two types of flaring?

On brake lines, you can use two types of flaring–double flare and ISO bubble flare. Double flares are a more common sight than a bubble flare as they support many vehicles. 

Q4: How long does it take to repair or replace a brake line?

This depends on the person performing the job. For professionals, it may take up to two hours to fully repair and flare a brake line. As for amateurs and DIYers, it may take longer.

Final Verdict

A good brake line flaring tool gives you the best value for money. Simultaneously, it does not compromise on safety and performance.

In our opinion, the MASTERCOOL universal flaring tool is your safest bet. For a fair cost, you get multiple adapters and die sets. The kit also includes a mini tube cutter capable of flaring brake lines efficiently.

Both hobbyists and professionals can use the tools on our list. Based on your requirements and tubes, get a kit that serves you the best.

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