Best Metal Detector For Coins And Jewelry Reviews 2021

Best Metal Detector For Coins And Jewelry

When you're in search of Jewelry and coins, one of the items you're most likely to consider for purchase is a good quality metal detector. Jewelry is by far the most lucrative treasures, among others, awaiting discovery. 

Metal detectors always come in handy when you lose your precious jewel, sometimes in the park, near the lake, or even in the beach sands. Metal detectors unlock an endless potentiality of discovering precious Jewelry for a collector's pack. The search for the best metal detector for coins and jewelry is inevitable.

Are you looking for a good metal detector? Look no further. Here is a guide to give a clear and precise comparison of various metal detectors based on key features and prices. Get all the answers to your questions to ensure the best purchase decision.

Review of the Top 8 Products

1. Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector

The Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector is a classic high-performance metal detection machine, the first in the Ace series, a better upgrade than the entry-level one. It has been fixed with fresh Camlocks for stability increase. Coupled with its four sensitivity adjustments are the Coin Depth Indicators that determines the approximate target depth. The four sensitivity levels ensure you only receive proper and stable signals. Also incorporated are a Digital Target ID system and an enhanced audio package for accurate auditory perception.

The machine is well suited for a metal detector for coins when switched to the Coins Mode and a proper metal detector for Jewelry in Jewelry Mode. There are four different levels to choose and work with, your searches go even deeper with the higher level, and the latter is also true. The incorporated Target ID system with a scale of 0 to 99 increases the machine's detection precision. Chances of picking up unwanted items are therefore very minimal.

The Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector is an easy-to-use metal detector for all ages, from young to old. For its value-worth price, you can now embark on your treasure search journey the right way with this quality metal detection machine focused on performance.


  • Increased and better audio system
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Entry-level detectors upgrade
  • Lightweight


  • Fewer levels of sensitivity
  • Few modes number

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

If you search for the best metal detector for coins and Jewelry suitable for all ages, you should consider this a good starter machine. Falling within a reasonable budget, The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is simple, straightforward, and an easy-to-use metal detection tool.

The Bounty Hunter has a 2 Tone audio system, available when in Tone search mode. Low tones allow for proper search and indication of small items such as Jewelry and nickel. High Tones, however, indicate brass, silver, and copper items. The 2 Tone audio system comes in handy when you have preferences during your search for precious items.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is fitted with a prominent Target strength meter, even in bright sunlight. The proper visibility comes as an advantage to individuals with low vision and also people who are hard-of-hearing, making the TK4 a perfect metal detector for coins and as well as a metal detector for Jewelry for persons with vision and auditory problems.

It incorporates three search modes. The All-Metal mode is discriminatory of any metal, therefore providing one tone for all types of detection. The Tone Mode is a discriminatory mode that uses high and low tones for various metal detections. Also, there is the discrimination mode, using only one tone for coin hunting.


  • Lucrative price
  • Ground balance preset
  •  Lightweight


  • 'Entry-Level' features not available.

3. Nokta Makro Simplex Waterproof Detector with 11" Coil

Are you searching for valuables that might have fallen deep into a water body? The Nokta Makro is probably the best metal detector for coins and the best metal detector for Jewelry that you might want to consider for a purchase. The Nokta Macro Simplex is fully waterproof, submerging into the water up to 10 feet (3 meters) and total dust protection. Hunting for valuable coins and Jewelry has never been easier.

The detector has a DD Coil, the most efficient search coil configuration that maximizes results on 'hot rock' grounds, mineralized or trashy grounds. With the ground balance on Manual and Auto modes, you can manually adjust the depth of reach even in trashy settings.

Also, a close to a must-have is a wireless headphone alongside the Nokta Makro Simplex Detector. The wireless headphones increase movement freedom during the scan for Jewelry. Moreover, one of the most useful features, Vibration Mode, allows the reception of signals from your search in loud or windy environments. It is ideal for environments where your preferred search style is the silent mode.

The Nokta Macro Simplex Waterproof Detector has a fantastic lighting system, including an LED Flashlight, LCD Backlight, and a Keypad backlight for underwater and night use. The Nokta Macro company also allows for constant software upgrades to frequently update your software to enjoy the maximum security and efficiency that the product has to offer.


  • High quality and affordable price
  • Easy to learn and use
  •  Waterproof


  • Limited to only one frequency

4. Minelab 3720-0002 Equinox 800 Metal Detector

The Equinox series 800 redefines the detection of coins and Jewelry. It is considered the best metal detector for coins and Jewelry to take advantage of its new multi-frequency technology to enhance all-purpose detection. Regardless of all ground conditions and target types, the series equally adapts, just put it up and begin your quest.

The user interfaces include a large and clear LCD panel displaying Target ID numbers. The LCD panel especially comes in super handy because you can see your Target ID on the panel alongside all the information you require for detection. For an uninterrupted and dynamic experience, the operating frequencies and the Detect Modes are switched on with a single button.

The Detect Modes can be further tuned to your preference to use the Detector as a metal detector for coins. They can be fine-tuned explicitly to the Gold Detecting mode to use the Detector as a metal detector Jewelry. Moreover, the Detector is very sleek and lightweight, allowing for longer exploration sessions in any environment.

The Minelab Equinox 800 series also has a High-Speed wireless audio system that comes in handy for effective freedom of movement with the Detector. It uses fast aptX Low Latency Headphones with the WM 08 for an ultra-fast wireless audio experience.


  • Sleek and Lightweight
  • Waterproof design
  • High-speed wireless audio
  • Multi-frequency


  • No vibration mode of discrete searches

5. Garret AT Pro Metal Detector

Arguably, the AT Pro is the most famous and part of the AT series metal detector, aiming to provide a reasonable price for professional standard performance. Among the self-explanatory features, the Garret AT Pro is relatively straightforward to use. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the AT Pro is probably the best metal detector. However, you might want to purchase a rechargeable battery to save on future battery costs.

The AT Pro is a lightweight detector, weighing at 3.03 lbs, adequately balanced, and easy to swing around. Its light feature makes it efficient for all age use, from children to adults. Moreover, the AT Pro has a waterproof design allowing it to fully submerge into the water up to 10 feet, curbing the effects of dirt and weather.

In terms of Sensitivity, Discrimination, and Stability, the AT Pro is very stable in most operating environments. When using the PRO mode, the discrimination capability and sensitivity are enhanced and noticeable. The enhanced sensitivity allows precise detection of items alongside the Target ID and the Depth Scale in the LCD Panel.


  • Waterproof and submersible ability
  • Proportional Audio
  • Interchangeable modes


  • Limited to a single frequency
  • No backlit display

6. Garret ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil and Headphone Plus Accessories

Ideal for advanced detection, the Garret ACE 300 is a metal detector for Jewelry and coins. Coming with a submersible search coil, the Detector also features other accessories, including Easy stow Headphones, search coil cover, and an ACE environmental cover-up. This Detector is, however, not designed for all age use.

The Garret ACE 300 Metal Detector features an LCD panel containing the target information alongside the Target ID and the 0 to 99 scales. There is also increased coverage and depth with the 7" x 10" PROformance™ offered with the submersible search coil. The frequency is adjustable for the elimination of interference.

The Camlocks incorporated provide increased stability regardless of the nature of the working grounds. The Detector features a sharper and more responsive audio, the Pulse-Width Modulation Audio, and an electronic pointing feature that allows quick recovery and precise target locations. The Notch Discrimination mode adapts to your preference through the modification of discrimination patterns.

Garret ACE 300 also comes with various search modes, including All Metal (indiscrimination mode), Jewelry, Pinpoint, coins, custom, and Relics. You can select the methods basing on your preferences on the search for the best results.


  • The submersible waterproof search coil
  • Responsive audio system
  • Housing cover for dust protection


  • No backlit display

7. Garret AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector, MS-3 Wireless Headphones, and Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Pinpointer

In a quest for the best metal detector for coins or Jewelry, the Garret AT MAX offers excellent efficiency with its extensive accessories for an advanced professional hunt. Regarding the best metal detector for coins and jewelry, the AT MAX holds high regard and delivers nothing short of the best.

Integrating the MS-3 Headphones with the All-terrain and enhanced Z-Lynk Pinpointer allows you to hear real-time sounds from your searches. With the Wireless Z-Lynk MS-3 Headphones' inclusion, the AT MAX offers a correct All-metal mode, detecting all metal types and enhanced significant depth detection.

The AT MAX also features an LCD panel with a backlight for improved visibility, therefore suitable for low vision and hard-of-hearing problems. The LCD panel displays large visible numbers, including the Iron Discrimination number, Target ID Number, etc., and more easily accessible controls.

A manually adjustable and automatic High-Resolution ground balance (175 points) helps overcome different ground variations and improve performance. Among other significant AT MAX, features include the Threshold adjustment, saltwater/freshwater search modes, and Audio Tone.


  • Easy to use
  • Full water resistance
  • Wireless system
  • High quality


  • Limited to a single frequency
  • Comparatively more expensive

8. DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector for Adults and Kids

DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector is a top metal detector for coins and a metal detector for Jewelry. This Detector includes the MT-RX, an exciting addition for enthusiasts and professionals. It moreover has five upgraded modes in-store; Jewelry, pinpoint, Memory, All metal, and Discrimination modes.

The detector features a 3" x 2.2" LCD screen, big and clear enough to read the displayed contents. The LCD screen has a backlight to enhance working in dark environments, increasing the flexibility of searches. For the types of metals to be identified, there are three display modes. With customizations, the detector is capable of displaying digital images and sounds.

You can easily find a single coin located about 10" into the ground with the powerful 9.8" wide search coil. At even greater depths, more significant objects can still be discovered effortlessly. The coils are submersible and waterproof. Therefore, they can work in shallow water to identify items. The Detector contains adjustable depth and sensitivity controls, giving you control over lesser designs.


  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Perfect price for detection range


  • Lack of speaker may be inappreciable.

Ultimate Buyers Guide-Best Metal Detector For Coins And Jewelry

Whether you're looking forward to purchasing a metal detector for coins or a metal detector for Jewelry, or even both, you need to appreciate the fact that there are numerous detectors to choose from the available catalog of metal detectors collection. The choice of the Detector to pick is, however, of your very own preference and judgment. Should you want a single purpose detector, well, choosing it might be a relatively simple task. However, it might be straightforward to find a single sensor perfect for all kinds of varying terrains.

So, where is the starting point? How do you virtualize yourself in a metal detector site and get yourself the best detector for your preferred needs? The guide is appropriately carefully examined to help you make a comprehensive purchase decision based on your preferences. You should then be able to find it easier to acquire the perfect detector for your preferred needs.

The first step you should consider is how much you are willing to spend on the equipment you prefer to buy. The amount you put aside might put you at an advantage if you set aside enough for extended accessories such as digging tools and headphones. The amount of money you're willing to put aside dramatically influences the type of Detector that you can get. Careful and timely planning can be of much help in saving for a good metal detector for jewelry.

The second and probably the most challenging question to consider is the location in which your detecting activity is bound to take place. It is especially very challenging for a beginner, even though it closely influences what you buy. If you're unsure where your detecting activity will occur, the surest is probably your geographical area. Most people often detect locally in their respective geographical regions before extensive exploration outside their geographical regions.

Also, know the weight of your new detector machine. It might be regrettable to blindly purchase a detection tool that you hardly know its weight. If it is too heavy, it might not be comfortable moving around with it, therefore decreasing your flexibility options. If it is just about the right weight, you will find it easy and exciting during the detecting exercise.

Finally, you might want to consider evaluating whether you want a new detector or a used one. Both do offer a reasonable advantage. If you go for a new one, you most definitely will get a full warranty from your manufacturer, and in some cases, you might as well get yourself some freebies accessories. However, if you intend to purchase a second-hand detector, you have a void warranty, but on the bright side, you can get yourself a higher rank detector for far less than a new one.

Why Should You Hunt for Jewelry?

A metal detector could work in a metal detector for coins or a metal detector for Jewelry, among other items that it might pick. While all other things might be of interest, Jewelry, to be specific, might be of valuable interest. Here's a list of ample reasons as to why you should be in a quest for jewels, an exciting choice for preference.

  1. While there are most certainly very minimal and rare ways to detect valuable Jewelry deep in the ground, platinum, bronze, silver, and gold can be seen by most of the available metal detectors today.
  2. A pleasant and profitable income. Even as old as it may look, Jewelry can still be sold and money made from it. You can most certainly be sure that however old a piece of Jewelry might be, it can as well be of market value; hence Jewelry hunt might be worth a try for an extra token.
  3. Believe it or not, you could be one of the very few people to create a unique and killer collector's pack out of a variety of Jewelry you might have discovered during your hunt. If you decide to put a price on your collection, you could be free to quote prices as you deem fit for each item in your collection.
  4. Some might think that finding Jewelry is a challenging and time-consuming activity. Well, it might be time-consuming, but in comparison to the value, it is worth a try. Finding Jewelry is not a tedious job, as many do think. It just requires investment and a little patience.
  5. The location for Jewelry shouldn't be a mystery. You can find jewelry in prominent places that people visit almost every day; concert venues, parks, beaches, and sports fields. These should be your number one go-to locations in quest of Jewelry. You can most certainly be sure that you'll discover at least one or two Jewelry items in these locations with the correct equipment.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Make a Living Metal Detecting?

The general answer to this would be a 'no.' But there are many factors to consider here. Ranging from the type of detectors you use to your hunting sites and experience, your dedication to it will most definitely add to your success. You might also want to partner with forensics services, police, museums, and archaeological organizations to improve success rates.

2. Where can I Spot Old Coins with a Metal Detector?

I wouldn't say everywhere, but anywhere you take your metal detector. Any location is a candidate for coin detection. You can use any metal detector for coins to discriminate against other items you do not intend to detect and specifically focus on currencies. However, do have in mind that most locations require a permit for access. Be sure to make an agreement with the relevant authorities regarding the same.

3. What is the Best Option for Detecting Silver Coins?

Honestly, you do not need fancy specs to locate silver, as it’s a very highly-conductive metal. However, you will require the best metal detector for coins with enough sensitivity to penetrate deep to detect ancient silver coins. You have to take advantage of the threshold settings even to identify correct Target IDs. Minelab X-TERRA 305 or the Fisher F44 are suitable for a low budget.

4. How do you Pick the Best Metal Detectors for Coins and Jewelry?

Well, as discussed earlier, there are plenty of things to consider. You will need to make an in-depth assessment of how much you're willing to spend, the weight of the metal detector, the ruggedness of the location you intend to examine, and possibly if you can acquire a second-hand metal detector. All these factors put you in a better position to get yourself the perfect metal detector based on your preferences.

5. What Is the Best Metal Detectors for Jewelry?

There is not a single one of all best metal detectors for jewelry that cannot perform the required needs. Each of them is dependent on your location of choice and the preferred weight of the metal detector. In most cases, the budget becomes a cutting factor in getting a good metal detector. Your type of investment will play a significant role in getting the perfect metal detector for your needs.

6. How Deep Will My Detector Go?

It all depends on the target's size, metallic content, orientation, the conductivity of the ground minerals, noise in the examining area, and so on. It all depends on various aspects, including the type of best metal detector for jewelry of choice.

7. Why Can't I Find Any Metal, Even When It Seems Like I Have a Good Target?

It can be common for so many reasons, including target dislocation during the excavation process, some rocks sounding like targets, broken rusty objects perceived as targets by the metal detector, etc.

8. Can One Metal Detector 'Do It All'?

Some metal detectors are designed for all-purpose detection and detect most of the metal, including both coins and Jewelry. However, some metal detectors are specifically designed to detect specific types of metals. For example, some detect coins and others specifically, Jewelry.


Coin and jewelry detecting is a fun experience. There's no better feeling than discovering a rare coin out of the ground. There might also be various mixed reactions as to whether coin detection can be done for a living. However, that depends on how much you invest in the activity; time, money, and resources. With the right mindset, you can have an endless achievement with coin detecting even as a hobby.

Acquiring the best metal detector for Jewelry or even the best metal detectors for coins should now be an easy task, as we have discussed. There are, moreover, specific factors to be considered when selecting the most appropriate metal detector for use. Among the factors are the budget, the metal detector's weight, and the nature of the location where the detection exercise will occur. Besides, most sites need a permit to perform the detection exercise and require intervention with the relevant authorities.

You should now be able to choose, among others, the best metal detector for coins and Jewelry, keeping in mind your very own preferences to avoid waste of funds and regrets of getting an inefficient metal detector.

Metal detecting can also be of national importance rather than just jewelry and coin exploration. Metal detectors have been used to detect weapons such as guns and knives, locating land mines, archaeological reasons, and geophysical prospecting. Metal detecting can, therefore, be both a fun and productive experience.

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