The Best Patio Furniture Covers 2021(Updated)- Complete Reviews


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January, 2021

Best Patio Furniture Covers

If you are someone who lives in the woods and enjoys the outside view, then a Patio is something you are well aware of. It basically refers to the area outside the house, used for seating and recreational purposes. One can take in fresh air and at the same time dining in the sound of nature. If designed properly, you can turn it into a relaxing retreat space.

Top Patio Furniture Covers


Product Name



Classic Accessories Veranda

Classic Accessories Ravenna

Table Covers

Classic Accessories Veranda Oval/Rectangular

AmazonBasics Dining Table Patio Cover

Vanteriam Outdoor Rectangular/Oval

Umbrella Covers

Classic Accessories 73152 Veranda

Umbrella Covers, Patio Waterproof Market Parasol Covers

4. Swing covers

KoverRoos III 34203 5-Feet Bench/Glider Cover

TrueShade Plus 3 Seat Hammock Swing Cover

TrueShade Plus 3 Seat Hammock Swing Cover

Umbrella Covers, Patio Waterproof Market Parasol Covers

You can design your patio using anything from dining tables, chairs, canopies, umbrellas, to gazebos. You can also use outdoor lighting, planters, grills, garden sculptures, pools and hot tubs. However, once you install them in your patio, take care that they aren't in direct contact with the environment.
Amazon has a wide range of options available when it comes to choosing the perfect covers for your outdoor arrangement. Firstly, let us take a look at some of the facilities people normally opt for while setting up their patio –

1) Chairs 2) Tables 3) Furniture set 4) Sofa set 5) Umbrellas 6) Benches 7) Ottoman

The Top Patio Covers You Can Buy Today

It’s not just the beautification. Taking care of these items is equally important. Let us take a look at some amazing best patio furniture covers you can get.

The Top Patio Covers You Can Buy Today

1.Chair Covers

A• AmazonBasics High-Back Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

If you are looking for covers which are durable, then your search is simplified. The cover is 100% woven polyester fabric with a laminated undercoating to minimize the rains from seeping through the covers.

Not only that, the click-close straps wrap easily around the furniture, ensuring that they don’t get blown away due to heavy winds. It protects against rain, snow and several other unwanted outdoor elements. This cover measures approximately 31x38x29 (LxWxH). This cover will make sure that your furniture is in tip-top shape at all times.

Things to love –

1) It is durable to withstand different weather conditions.

2) It comes with tough interlocking seams to protect the furniture at all times.

B. Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Lounge Chair/Club Chair Cover

This cover comes in various packs and sizes, as per your preference. One of the most amazing qualities of this cover is that they come with padded handles for the added comfort. They have been specifically designed with Gardelle Fabric System. It's nothing but water-resistant fabric technology, helping prevent water from seeping through covers.

Take care not to use any kind of soap or put the covers in a washer, as that will affect the protective coating on the fabric. It comes with a drawstring hem, to fit chairs and protect them during windy days. They offer over 140 shapes and styles in their collection of Classic Accessories, making you spoiled for choice.

Things to love –

1) It has air vents to prevent condensation and wind lofting.

2) Large padded handles make removal of the chair covers easy.

C. Classic Accessories Ravenna Adirondack Chair Cover

This cover guarantees to fit Adirondack chairs with the dimensions of 31.5x33.5x36. These covers too come with padded handles to make removal of the covers easier. It has air vents to provide maximum ventilation and minimum condensation. One thing to look out for is they do not entirely cover the wheels or the legs of the chair. The cover comes with durable woven polyester fabric and an added UV- stabilized coating. It helps protect from the harsh rays of the sun. There is also a water-resistant laminated backing- to prevent rainwater from seeping into the covers. It comes along with an elastic hem and custom-coloured buckles for a snug fit.

Things to love –

1) Limited lifetime warranty that gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

2) It comes with woven polyester, which will not only give a good look to your furniture but will also protect it from harmful elements.

D. Duck Covers Essential Patio Chair Cover

It comes with a limited warranty of one year. These covers are available in 5 sizes, to choose from as per the requirement. They are designed to protect patio chairs from dust, dirt, sun, rain and mild snow. The fabric is water-resistant, ideal for low to moderate climatic conditions.

One amazing characteristic of these covers is that the seams are ultrasonically welded to prevent water from penetrating through the covers and come along with tie-down straps to secure the best patio furniture covers tightly, in their positions.

Things to love –

1) It is water resistant.

2) You can get one in five different sizes.

2) Table Covers

A. Classic Accessories Veranda Oval/Rectangular Patio Table & Chair Set Cover

This cover comes in three sizes – Medium, Large and X-Large. It comes with interior bound seams, high-density stitching for durability, padded handles for comfort, matching webbing for a beautiful look and California Prop 65 test for health and safety concerns. The cover could easily fit a patio table.

The manufacturer provides a three year limited warranty for the covers. The Gardelle Fabric System acts as a water repellent, while the resistant laminated backing helps to protect from sun and dirt. The convenient elastic hems and the adjustable buckled straps protect your table on the windiest of days. Like the cover for chairs, these too come with vents to prevent condensation and to ensure ventilation. With over 140 shapes and sizes available, you would surely be spoiled for choice.

Things to love –

1) It comes in 3 sizes.

2) It comes with a custom fit, adjusting as per the size of the table.

B. AmazonBasics Dining Table Patio Cover - 72-Inch

This cover boasts of providing protection against rain, snow and other outdoor elements. The seams are extremely durable with tough interlocking seams. The cover comes with a 100% woven polyester fabric. There is also a laminated undercoating preventing water from seeping onto the furniture.

Windy days won’t be a problem anymore. The click-close straps will help to snap around and cover the furniture easily.

Things to love –

1) This item weighs around 5.3 pounds.

2) It helps to cover the legs and wheels of the furniture to a great extent.

C. Vanteriam Outdoor Rectangular/Oval Patio Dining Table Cover-Best outdoor furniture covers

This cover is made up of 600D Oxford Fabric with PVC coating, allowing for long-term use. This coating tends to make the covers durable and long-lasting. To clean these covers, all you need to do is wipe the sofa cover with a damp cloth. This cover is useful to hold onto the table.

However, you are advised to measure your furniture before purchasing covers for your table. It comes with an elastic hem cord and buckled straps for a tight and custom fit. These covers also include the facility of air vents to prevent condensation and to ensure air ventilation.

Things to love –

1) Padded handles for easy removal

2) Useful to store during off-seasons and during inclement weather.

E. Classic Accessories Terrazzo Rectangular Patio Coffee Table Cover

These covers are guaranteed to fit coffee tables with the dimensions of 48x25x18 inches. The manufacturer provides a limited one year warranty on its product. This cover promises to not crack in winter as it is made up of Tough Rain-Tite fabric to protect against rain, sun, snow and dirt.

These covers, however, do not entirely cover the wheels or legs of the table. They are accompanied with a drawstring hem and elastic leg loops to keep the cover protecting the furniture during the windiest of days. The elastic cord at the bottom helps to provide a fast and custom fit.

Air vents help to reduce condensation and wind-lofting, thus ensuring the safety of the table for a long period. These covers offer elegant and understated style, keeping their looks and also protecting your furniture always.

Things you will love –

1) It has a custom fit and therefore fits tables of all sizes easily.

2) It comes with Rain Tite fabric to protect against sun, wind, rain and dirt.

3) Top Umbrella Covers

A. Classic Accessories 73152 Veranda Offset Umbrella & Frame Cover

This cover is available in 3 variants – Banana Style umbrella and frame, umbrella and frame and only Umbrella. This cover guarantees to fit market umbrellas 13 feet in diameter or 9 feet x 9 feet. The manufacturer is willing to offer a three-year limited warranty on the product which is a good deal. This cover uses Gardelle Fabric System and a protective dark splash guard skirt. An elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit. An added air vent helps to improve ventilation and keeps control on the water condensation. It comes with an easy access zipper which helps to simplify the fitting. The product weighs around 4 pounds.

Things you will love –

1) Fits umbrellas up to13 feet, however, you should measure your umbrella before purchasing one.

2) It is heavy duty and durable.

B. Umbrella Covers, Patio Waterproof Market Parasol Covers with Zipper

This umbrella is suitable for 7-11 feet diameter offset umbrellas. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, easy fitting and tough. It's what makes it stand strong in any weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost, wind, or even due to bird droppings. It is easily foldable and can be wrapped into a cloth bag, thus saving space.

It also comes with drawstring bottom with cord locks to make it withstand windy weather. The cleaning aspect is also very simple. You can wipe it with a damp cloth or hose down with water and let it dry in the sun. Thus, it can be left outside full year round and provides full weather protection.

Things you will love –

1) It is extremely durable and can be left outside all year round.

2) It protects against rain, snow, dust and bird droppings.

C. Abba Patio Outdoor Market Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella/Parasol Cover

This umbrella is most suitable for a 9-11 feet diameter cantilever umbrella. It comes with a sturdy zipper and long reach drawstring for easy zipping and unzipping of the cover. This cover is extremely durable as it comes with a double stitched seam and also gives a stylish look. It has a brown polythene material, which protects against sun, wind, rain and other extreme weather conditions. One amazing quality of this umbrella is that it comes with a high-reach fiberglass rod for easy lifting of the umbrella cover – on or off. The dimensions of the cover are 8.5 L x 2.4 W.

Things you will love –

1) Due to the polythene, it can be used for years together without any worry.

2) The high-reach fiberglass rod makes it easy to access the umbrella cover.

4. Best Swing covers

A.  Allen Patio Protectors Patio Swing Cover

These covers come in a pack of one. As these covers are required to withstand hard weather conditions, they need to be heavy duty. These covers are durable and weatherproof. They are made up of PE heavy duty tarpaulin material which prevents rainwater from seeping through the covers and on to the swing.

It has a zipper closure for easy installation and removal and comes in a custom fit design. With UV protection on the covers, don’t worry about the swing or the covers getting damaged easily.

Cleaning these covers is also an easy task. All one needs to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. These covers weigh approximately 2.5 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

Things you will love –

1) It has a zipper closure for easy installation and removal.

2) Cleaning these covers is an easy task- all one needs is a damp cloth.

B. Outdoor 3 Triple Seater Hammock Swing Glider Canopy Cover

Want to protect your treasured patio swing from harmful elements like sun, wind, debris etc.? This Hammock Swing cover will do just that. It fits most standard-sized swings and comes with metal grommets to anchor it down, without getting affected due to heavy winds. It also comes with multiple zippers on either side to hold the covers in place.

You can clean it easily using just a damp cloth. If you are looking for a cost-effective cover for your swing, then this is the choice to pick.

Things you will love –

1) All-weather protection

2) Metal grommets and zipper closure

C. KoverRoos III 34203 5-Feet Bench/Glider Cover

This cover comes in a 3-layer nonwoven protective fabric to protect the bench or the swing from dangerous and harmful elements. It is also one way breathable to prevent the formation of the mold and mildew. To secure the covers tightly, the cover comes with 4 U shaped hooks to secure the covers during windy conditions.

As it comes with a storage pouch, storing of the cover would not be such a hard task as it would require a lesser amount of space. The manufacturer is offering a 7 year limited warranty on this product, which is a steal.

Things you will like –

1) These covers are lightweight- no struggle in getting them on or off.

2) It comes in a set of 4 attachment hooks to so that the covers are secured even during harsh weather conditions.

 D. TrueShade Plus 3 Seat Hammock Swing Cover

With a PU coated polyester fabric, your patio swing is protected from water and its harmful effects like rusting and mold formation. The fabric is breathable enough to prevent mold from forming on the swing.

The seams of the covers are sewn for added durability and strength. As these covers are stain resistant, one need not worry about washing them. However, wiping occasional wiping of these covers with a damp cloth would do no harm.

Also, they can be machine washed, and won’t cause any harm to the covers. These can be well secured with the help of a hem cord and a lock on the bottom of the cover.

Things you will love –

1) The breathable fabric helps to prevent mold growth.

2) It comes with sewn seams for added durability.

TrueShade Plus 3 Seat Hammock Swing Cover

5. best outdoor furniture covers

A. SUPERJARE Patio Outdoor Furniture Cover for Bench

One of the most interesting qualities of these covers is that it comes with an inner PVC coating blocking out any sort of water invasion. The fabric’s coating offers UV protection, ensuring your furniture stays safe.

Along with a drawstring at the hem, there are four straps at the bottom. You can attach it to the legs of the furniture for extra protection during windy days. It also has two air vents at the bottom to prevent the formation of dew, which tends to harm the furniture in the long run.

Things you will love –

1) It comes in a compact bag for easy carry and storage.

2) You can clean it with just a brush and neutral detergent.

B. Seasons Sentry CVP01431 -Love Seat Bench Cover

This cover comes especially with a liner to resist cracking in hot and cold temperatures. The fabric is durable to last season after season. As there is an interior lining as well, it helps to prevent abrasions to the furniture as well, adding as extra protection. It also has double bungee drawstrings for a tight and secure fit.

As we have seen several products above with vents, these, too, comes with vents. However, these vents have an added layer of a flap to prevent any harmful element from entering into the covers.

Things you will love –

1) It comes with dual vents with covered flaps for added protection.

2) Interior lining prevents harming the furniture.

C. CoverMates – Outdoor Patio Bench Cover

These covers come in several sizes, offering amazing variety to the customers. The manufacturer offers a three year warranty on the product. This product comes with built-in mesh vents for increased airflow. The material is 300D stock-dyed polyester. There is an adjustable drawcord to allow the covers to stay put even during harsh weather conditions. It also has double stitched seams to prevent dirt, dust and water damage.

Things you will love –

1) It comes with a three year manufacturer warranty.

2) It also has built-in mesh vents for amazing airflow.

Conclusion –

Although the best outdoor furniture covers are an expensive affair, it will be worth it in the long run. Snow, rain, sun, wind, etc. can cause expensive damage to the furniture. Think of it as an investment and find yourself some amazing covers before it is too late.

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