The Best Quick Release Steering Wheel Reviews 2022- Ultimate Guide

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

Are you a motorsports enthusiast? Are you skimming through pages to learn the know-how of improving your car performance?

A quick release steering wheel lets you enjoy the racing ambiance and the high performance of your car. Simultaneously, it allows the driver to egress from the vehicle in case of emergency quickly. While a normal steering wheel is attached to the steering column by a large nut hid by trim pieces, this wheel is attached by cams, push or pull rings and pins. This is how it enhances safety on the racing track.

If you are pondering over which model to choose, what factors to consider before laying your hands on the best quick release steering wheel, take a quick glance through this article. Before we go over to the reviews and make the final decision, let us take a look at the models with all details. Surf through this helpful guide and then choose your steering wheel.


Product Name



NRG Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit

Flashpower Steering Wheel Adapter Boss Kit (Editor’s Choice)

MASO Universal Wheel Quick Release

Leadrise Black Steering Wheel Quick Release

MASO Universal Quick Release


Let us take a detailed look at these models, with their unique features, pros and cons.

1. NRG Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit - Black Gen 3 - Part # SRK-650BK

If you are toying with the idea of converting your standard vehicle into a racing car, this NRG model should be on your prime list. The NRG has been one of the most popular brands when it boils down to steering wheel release kits.

The models come in a variety of colours. You can choose the wheel of your desired colour to match the interiors of your car. The NRG model features a patented short hub. The dimensions of the product are in parity with the stock hub assembly. It is suitable to fit 6 hole hub adapters with a 70mm bolt pattern. You can fit any 6 hole steering wheel with 70 mm or 74mm bolt pattern. The model is easy to use and install, and the safety button can be easily removed, making it easier to be used in a racing car.

Unique Features

A glance through the unique features will point out why NSG Steering wheel release kit is one of the top picks-

  • Sleek design- This makes the product easy to use
  • Multiple colour options- You can choose from a variety of options and settle on the one that suits your needs
  • High-quality material- Ensures durability
  • Safety Button is easy to remove- Makes the model easy to use for racing
  • Ball and Lock mechanism


  • Durable
  • High quality aluminium has been used
  • The wheel can be used with horns
  • Features dual spring self indexing quick release functionality


  • Limited compatibility with six hole steering wheels
  • Lack of more screws makes the final position of the steering wheel a bit difficult when the wheels are straight
2. Flashpower Steering Wheel -High grade material of the model

The Flashpower Steering Wheel, with all its polished elegance, makes it to the best list with its universal compatibility. High grade material of the model, coupled with easy installation, certainly makes it deserving to get a superb rating from users.

Durable and strong, the steering wheel can be used with all 69-94 Chevrolet car models. It is lightweight and is extremely easy to mount and dismount. Made of aircraft grade material, it is crafted to be sturdy. You can easily remove it while leaving the car, as well as reconnect it back with a slight push.

Unique Features

Glance through the features that add to the uniqueness of the model-

  • Necessary for installing standard 9 hole aftermarket steering wheel
  • Almost universal compatibility
  • Premium materials used for engineering the model
  • Durability and strength are par excellence
  • Elegant appearance with polished mirror surface or black powder coating


  • Solid, sturdy and durable
  • Good quality material used
  • Compatible with almost all steering wheel models
  • Stylish and smart finish
  • Easy to use and install


  • Cannot be used on vehicles with airbags
  • Screw of the adapter is a bit too long that makes the wheel loose when installed
3. Maso Car Steering Wheel Hub Adapter-High quality and easy to use

Strength, durability, and performance are the most sought after features when it comes to buying a steering wheel. And here you have a MASO model before you that lets you enjoy the feat of performance and sturdiness. best quick release steering wheel hub

The hub adapter is of high quality and easy to use. Durability stems not only from the quality of the material but also the pattern of holes on the hub. Best of all - it is compatible with all steering wheels and aftermarket boss kits. All it takes to remove the wheel is one click.

Unique Features

  • 6 hole pattern on hub that renders the model strong and sturdy
  • High-quality material is used that further enhances durability
  • Universal compatibility makes it a high starred product
  • Easy to use system that needs just one click to remove the wheel


  • Durable and strong
  • Patterned design of holes makes it sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • One click system to remove the wheel
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to mount and dismount


  • May not bolt up to the wheels
4. NRG Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit - Gen 2.0 - Black Body w/Neochrome Ring - Part # SRK-200BK-MC

Classy and decorous, with a neochrome ring, this model of NRG steering wheel release will certainly take you by awe. It comes with a black body that suits your car interiors and adds a flair to it.

Stylish and functional, the NRG steering wheel quick release SRK-200BK-MC is easy to use and has a strong build. It is sturdy and made of high quality material, with a weight of 2 pounds. It bears a ball lock system for security and reliability and self locking mechanism.  To install, you would need a hub adapter first. Some cars might need a short hub, that is customised for the specific vehicle, and an aftermarket steering for the entire setup and installation.

Unique Features

A list of key points to keep in mind while reviewing this model as one of the best  quick release steering wheel-

  • Durability- The model is made of high quality aircraft grade aluminium or powder coated stainless steel that makes it sturdy and long lasting
  • Easy to install without much hassle
  • Black body with a neochrome ring to enhance the appearance of the car interior
  • Ball lock system to render the model secure, safe and reliable
  • Self locking mechanism for safety
  • You can choose from a range of colours and combinations


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Smart finish
  • Safety and security ensured by self lock and ball lock mechanism
  • Easy to use and install


  • Those who wear out over the interior look of your racing car, they might find it a bit unnerving when the black coating of the steering wheel wears out a bit early
5. Leadrise Black Steering Wheel Quick Release-Universal fit- It fits all modified steering wheels

Looking for security on the racing track? And don’t want a hole burning through your pocket? Check out Leadrise Black Steering Quick Release that comes with a chromed polished finishing, a solid build and it locks up tight.

Made of an alloy with chromed polishing and a logo branded on its surface, the model is extremely easy to use. You just need to push down the leveller to detach from the base and you can reconnect by attaching. The wheel uses a spring loaded ball bearing system that makes the release quick and decent. Its affordable price, smart finish and security are the key features that make it one of the best choices.

Unique Features

Whizz past the listed key features of Leadrise Black Steering Wheel and get the model details at your fingertips-

  • Easy to use- The leveller simply needs to be pushed down for detachment and attached for reconnecting
  • Universal fit- It fits all modified steering wheels
  • Spring Loaded Ball Bearing System- The best quick release is rendered seamless
  • Quality- Alloy with chromed polished surface
  • Maximum Security- 8 ball lock joint that enhances safety


  • Affordable without compromising on quality
  • Easy to use
  • Smart finish
  • Ensures security


  • Screw holes on hub side are not properly aligned with the holes on wheel side. This makes it difficult to set the wheel in perfectly straight position
6. MASO Universal Quick Release Adapter Snap Off Steering Wheel MTX 7.0

Another impressive model to make you go wow! The MASO Universal Quick Release Steering Wheel is the most suited for racing ambience for its compatible design and anti scratch treatment that would make the component look brand new for a very long time.

Light weight and easy to use, this model is durable and has a reliable self locking or master locking  mechanism. The adapter hub is thick and has 6 holed adapter design. The process of best quick release is simple and easy. All you need to do to accomplish the release is just one click. There is no need for fiddle keys or welding.

Unique Features

Listed below are a set of the key features of this model that make it stand out-

  • Master Lock or Self lock that makes it reliable and secure
  • Material engineered for racing. It is scratch resistant and designed to make your best quick release steering wheel look ever new
  • Easy to use with just a click
  • Durable and strong built
  • Universal compatible design makes it one of the products that are high in demand


  • Reliable self lock
  • Easy to use; single click to release steering wheel
  • Compatible design
  • Scratch resistant
  • Affordable price


  • Difficult to get the wheel aligned back to its position

Choosing the Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

Now, these are the consideration checkboxes that you would have to fill before purchasing your required the best quick release steering wheel

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel


Here comes the most important factor to consider before finalising on the model. The diameter of the steering would impact the feel and experience of driving.

The diameter we are talking about is the outer diameter for circular steering. For an elliptical wheel, the major axis and minor axis measurements will be provided.

  • Most production cars that do not feature a power steering have a 350mm diameter
  • Powered steering comes with 320-330mm diameter, while even smaller diameters would work well
  • If you have a six bolt wheel in mind, their diameter size generally varies from 280mm to 320mm
  • Check the available space in the interior of your car and the position of driver’s arm
  • While choosing, consider whether you prefer to look above or through the steering wheel


This is mostly left to the driver’s convenience and what suits his needs. For a racing car, the driver might prefer having a thin section when his hands are covered with thick gloves, although for a streetcar, a thicker grip is preferred


There are myriads of choices to perplex you when it comes to the material. You should opt for the one that is strong and long-lasting, scratch and shock-resistant to make it appropriate for the racing environment. While the external appearance is polished and elegant to appeal to the customer’s eye, have a good knowledge about the material used. Aircraft-grade aluminium and alloy is considered to be durable and strong, which gives you a seamless experience on the racing track.


Mechanisms are galore as to how the wheel can be removed from the steering column. The ease of this mechanism should be kept in mind while pinning down on the best quick release steering wheel. Some models let you do the job by a simple click, while some needs a slight push or pull for detachment and reconnection. The convenience of the user should shed light on this factor and then purchase the quick release steering wheel.


When you add a quick release setup, the overall depth increases due to the adapter hub. The thickness of the hub, quick release and steering wheel will together make the wheel closer to the driver. Choose from a brand that offers you a range of depths of the hub adapter to suit your ergonomics and needs.


This is the determining factor behind the compatibility with wheels. Also, the design of the bolt pattern adds to the sturdiness and durability. The holes on the hub side and those on the wheel side should be aligned so as to have the wheel in straight condition. Another factor to consider is the distance of the wheel from the driver after the installation of the short hub assembly, boss kit and the best quick release kit.


Do not fall into believing that the best product is the most expensive one. Sure, the market trend says that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest one. However, take other factors into consideration too. The durability of the model, the ease of quick release mechanism, the bolt and hole patterns, compatibility and the ease of installation all combine together to add to the quality of the best quick release steering wheel.

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel: Buyer’s Guide

1.Which quick release hub would fit my vehicle?

Almost all best quick release steering wheels are universally compatible but you need the correct boss adapter for the same. You must have a short hub adapter installed first before you make any attempt to set up the quick release, which is not a quick release hub in itself. The short hub adapter is vehicle specific, however, and you need to get the one that suits your vehicle model. After the hub adapter, you are ready to set the quick release. You may look up your car application guides to select which adapter suits your vehicle.

2.How far will my steering wheel stick out after I install my quick release?

This depends a lot on the thickness of the steering wheel you are using. Check the dish size, that is the distance from the steering column to the face of the wheel that is closest to the driver. This wheel depth generally varies from 1 inch to 3 inches. If you add a standard hub, it generally adds a thickness of about 2.5 inches to the steering column. Thus you get the resultant depth in the range of 3.5 to 5.5 inches. Ensure that you have this measurement properly so that the wheel placement is perfect after purchase.

3.I installed my short hub and quick release, but now my steering wheel is off centre. How shall I overcome this problem?

You might be facing certain issues during installation. The short hub may be turned by a few degrees clockwise or anticlockwise during installation. This does not pose a major issue. All you need to do Is remove the short hub and reinstall the setup once again following the proper guidelines given in the factory manual.

4.Can I use a steering wheel of one company and a quick release setup and hub adapter of another?

Yes, in fact, this is done by many best quick release steering wheel customers. You may use a MOMO steering wheel with a short hub adapter and quick release kit of NRG. Ensure that they are compatible, the bolt and hole patterns are aligned for perfect setup. For this case, you will need an NRG quick release and NRG short hub adapter from the 1.0 to 3.0 generations. Do keep in mind that only one component can be short or thin. So if you are eyeing for an NRG short hub, you have to complement it with a regular-sized quick release.

5.Do the steering wheels and quick release kits come with screws?

This rather depends on the brand or the model of the quick release and steering wheel you would purchase. For example, the NRG steering wheel comes with a screw. For Momo or Nandi, only those steer wheels with a horn ring are packed with the necessary screws. The hub adapters of Momo and Nandi, however, are provided with screws. So if you are thinking of combining the Momo or Nandi wheel with the NRG hub adapter, you will have to get the screws from other sources.

Benefits of using a Quick Release Steering Wheel

Quick release steering wheel is recommended for all vehicles, and it is better to take away the steering wheel when not in use.

This protects the material of the steering wheel from wearing out or getting damaged due to harsh sunlight

A quick release wheel does not have trim pieces. It has a collapsible steering column to enhance safety

The driver can easily remove the wheel and easily get out of or into the car during any emergency

FAQ-Frankly Ask and Question

1.How do I install the quick release steering wheel? Do I get a detailed guide for the installation?

This is a quick guide to install the quick release steering wheel. Follow the steps below-

  • Disconnect the battery. You need to break the circuit for safety                issues.
  • Remove the wheel and any other obstacles
  • Mount the hub adapter and then the wheel.
  • Connect and wire up the horn.

2.Is a quick release steering wheel safe?

The quick release steering wheel is a component to render your car safe and secured and protect your car from theft. You can remove the steering wheel when it is not in use. However, the locking and quick release safety mechanisms should be properly checked prior to purchase to avoid accidental detachment of the steering wheel from the steering column.

3.Are quick release steering wheels universal?

The steering wheels and quick release setups are mostly universally compatible. But you need a short hub adapter before setting up the quick release set up. Also, ensure that the hole pattern and bolt pattern on the hub side and wheel side are aligned.

4.How will I make my horn fit in the steering wheel after installation of the quick release setup?

An NRG steering wheel generally comes with a floating brass base for attachment of the horn. Connect the clip of the horn wire that runs up the steering column—Route a path to bold this wire up to the turn signal.

5.Do you need a short hub for a quick release steering wheel?

Quick release steering wheel is universal quick release steering wheel if you have a short hub adapter. The quick release in itself is not a hub, so you will need a short hub adapter to make it universally compatible.

Final Verdict

So, the best quick release steering wheel is the one that adds safety to your vehicle. Choose over a number of factors, viz, locking mechanism, ease of installation, durability and strength, the best quick release mechanism and also your budget. Keep this ultimate guide as your reference, with all product reviews, installation methods and FAQs at your fingertips. 

Choosing from the top pick brands and models, each of which comes with its own set of unique features and budget range is not easy. However, once you pin down and make a list of your requirements, budget, and appearance, it is an easy shot. You have the best quick release steering wheel on your car, and it is all set to rev up on the racing track!!!

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