The Best Roof Rack Awning Reviews 2022- [Updated List]


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Do you love going on outdoor adventures in your car? You will find that adverse weather conditions often present the biggest obstacle in the path of your enjoyment. The Sun's glare can cause burns while getting drenched in the rain can cause sickness. You may read on best roof rack awning.

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Roof rack awnings will help you avoid the Sun and the rain by providing shade over a significant space. You will need to find a portable awning that you will be able to carry without any difficulty. Also, the fabric of the product has to be strong and waterproof if it has any chance of lasting over a long period of time.

While you can get a good number of best roof rack awning products out there, not each one is meant for you, and you need to know what’s the right choice.

 5 Best Roof Awning Products you Can Choose 

Adding a roof awning to your travel items list is an excellent idea. The following awnings are some of the best in the market. Check them out!

1. Dobinsons 4x4 Roll Out Awning 8FT x 9.8FT Large Size, Includes Brackets and Hardware- Waterproof

This best roof rack awning from Dobinsons is of fantastic quality, and you will not regret investing your money in it. The product has the perfect size to fit your 4x4 van or trailer. The company pays special attention when constructing roof awnings to ensure that they are easy to use on the go. Dobinsons Awnings are quickly accessible, and you can arrange for shade without any hassle.

The medium-sized square awning is the most popular choice among consumers because it is the most compatible. It holds 2.0M against the vehicle. You can stretch it up to 3.0M away from your car.

This product is definitely a winner since it comes with just about everything you will need to set the awning up comfortably. It is also made with heavy-duty material which means that it will turn into a high-maintenance product in the near future.


The roof awning has been designed to be heavy duty so that it is durable in the long run. It is made with the help of breathable 420D PU Oxford Polyester which is also waterproof. This product is bound to provide you with shade for a few years to come.

The product comes with a Heavy Duty Waterproof 600GSM UV Stabilized PVC Protective Cover and is assembled when you receive it. Moreover, the package has ropes, pegs, and self-locking height-adjustable poles which will help you set up the awning. The process is quick and simple, and packing up will also not be a problem.

The awning needs to be attached to a strong roof rack which does not come with the product itself. In order to get the most out of the product, opt for a cage-style rack which has vertical supports.

You need to mount the awning by using the necessary hardware within the rear support channel. The bolts will have to be attached to the L-brackets. You can mount them by drilling through the roof rack.


  • Large in size and will cater to all your shading needs
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Can be mounted on both the left and right side
  • Comes with fitting instructions and the necessary tools


  • Does not come with a roof rack
2. Hasika Light Weight Shade Awning- Durable and strong

The Hasika car tent is a popular choice among users because it has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of the consumer. As a result, it provides an excellent experience to both beginners and amateurs. This car tent is simple to use, and you will have absolutely no problem setting it up and packing it afterwards. Moreover, the product is very lightweight which means that you will be able to carry it around in your car with ease. It is perfect for camping and travelling purposes because it gives immediate shelter to everyone.

The dimensions of the awning are L 138"xW 95"xH 118" when it has been installed which means that there is plenty of space available underneath it. Made with 210T waterproof mesh or polyester fabric, the awning will be able to withstand weather change.

Hasika ensures that all their products pass strict quality testing before they send them out into the market. The product comes with a tent tarp, a rope and a tent peg so that you will have no problem setting up the tent without external help. You will also find a plastic spraying iron pole and installation instructions inside the package.

The Hasika roof tent is one of the best products in this category because it packs a large number of useful features at an affordable price point.


The large size of the roof rack shade ensures that it can be used to cover areas up to 76+ square foot. It can be used to cover chairs, coolers and tables when you are outdoors. Moreover, your kids and pets will be protected from sun, rain, and even wind when they are under the awning.

Since the product is made with 210T polyester fabric, it is meant to be durable in the long run. Resistant to rips and air roof vents, the awning will hold up nicely. It also comes with a huge side mesh window which helps in ventilation.

One of the best things about this best roof rack awning is that it can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can use it to shelter any vehicle like an SUV, truck, hatchback or a sedan. On the other hand, it can be used with the steel poles when you want to shelter a ground area. The structure is stable and will not collapse which is why it is also perfect for boating purposes.

The awning is adjustable which means that you can get complete privacy when you need it. You just need to extend the height of the outboard till the ground.


  • Can be used to cover large areas at a time
  • Shields against the sun, rain, and wind
  • Durable and strong
  • Anti-UV, Waterproof
  • Portable


  • Does not come with a roof rack
3. Tuff Stuff 6.5 x 8 Rooftop Awning- Does not collapse

Tuff Stuff is a company that you can rely on completely when you are looking for a rooftop awning. They are great at creating designs that will satisfy you. This rooftop awning is easy to use and will provide you with shade anywhere you go. It has been specially designed to allow all your passengers and you to exit the vehicle without any hassle. You can install it with the help of the existing roof rack. All you need to is mount it properly so that the awning does not collapse midway.

There is no doubt that this rooftop awning from Tuff Stuff is a great choice for campers who want to have a great time on the trail. Moreover, it will last you a long time because of its resistant and sturdy nature.


Tuff Stuff wanted to create a rooftop awning that would provide comfort and shade at the same time. They did not want users to feel like they would not be able to put it up on their own when they went camping to secluded places and hence made sure that the awning is easy to set up.

The roof awning provides 6' of shade towards the outside and 4.5' across which can prove to be a big space when you use it well.

The Tuff Stuff Rooftop awning can be used with other attachments which makes it a great addition to your travel kit. Attaching a solar rope light beneath the awning will be a great move.

You will be able to install this product in a number of different ways, and that is what makes it so versatile. The universal L bracket system can be used to keep the awning in place. Some users prefer to use their roof and others have used their roof racks when mounting the awning.

Most customers prefer to use the existing rail system present on the rooftop tent. Otherwise, you can also drill directly the base of the tent in order to ensure that the mount is secure.


  • Provides shade over a large area
  • The installation process is easy
  • Comes with tie ropes that give additional lateral support
  • The aluminium frame makes the product durable in the long run
  • Comes with a heavy-duty PVC driving cover
  • The four support arms ensure that your awning does not collapse


  • You have to use your own installation gear
4. KingCamp Awning-Portable

Made with 210T polyester ripstop, this rooftop awning will be a great addition to your outdoor travelling schedule. Since it is waterproof, the awning will be able to provide you with shelter even against rainfall. It also comes with fiberglass poles which you will need when setting it up. In case you want to use it as a canopy as well, you can use the steel poles.

This rooftop awning will provide you with plenty of shade, and you will not have to worry about the safety of your car and passengers from weather elements. It is compatible with most cars like SUVs, and trucks. Make sure that you use an elastic bungee cord along with durable hooks so that the awning does not become floppy.

All in all, you will make a wise decision if you go for this product. It has all the essential features of a good roof rack awning.

KingCamp Awning


Rip-stop polyester makes this awning durable while the waterproof coating allows it to stay put even in adverse weather. The awning is thick enough to protect you from the scorching Sun and UV rays.

The awning comes with shock-corded fibreglass poles and steel canopy poles both of which ensure that the tent you build is stable and secure. You will find it very easy to assemble which is a boon when you are outdoors.

With dimensions of 124 inches by 85 inches, the awning gives you plenty of shaded space which improves your camping opportunities. You can use it cover furniture when you are out for picnics without any issues.

The awning will not suffocate you under any circumstance. There are air vents attached inside the fabric which will allow the upward breeze to pass. Moreover, it also comes with side mesh windows which are crucial for creating a well-ventilated space.

The awning is not prone to abrasion or rips which means that it will last you for years.  The seams are lined with waterproof adhesive strips that help the water shed off easily.

This product is very lightweight and can be carried from one place to another very easily. This increases its portability when you are carrying it during trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Waterproof, Durable
  • Provides plenty of space


  • The poles may feel flimsy
5. Leader Accessories Easy Set Up Camping Awning

Leader Accessories makes some of the best roof awnings in the market, and this one is no exception.

This product is a definite winner because it provides you with protection against all weather elements. Moreover, you will be able to use in a number of ways making it a handy item when you are travelling.

We have shortlisted for you, the final call is yours!


This multi-function awning is compatible with most vehicles. Moreover, you will be able to use as a canopy or tent for any outdoor event that you may be interested in.

Made with rip-stop lightweight fabric, the awning can withstand 1500mm water pressure. The waterproof tape on the seams ensures that rainwater slides off easily.

It comes with a window so that there is proper circulation of air. It also has mesh pockets which are easy to access and can be used for storing necessary equipment.

Installing this awning will not take up a lot of time. All you need to do is consult the instructional manual that comes with the product.  You will be able to put it up on your own.

The awning comes with an extra sun wall which will provide you with 110sqft sunshade. Depending on what you need, you can place it at the end of the awning or on the sides.

This product comes with a one year warranty. This means that you will receive a new replacement in case you do not receive any item that was supposed to be in the box. It also covers shipping damages.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Extra sun protection
  • Multipurpose, Affordable


  • Does not come with a roof rack

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