The Best Shower Pans Review 2022 (Updated)


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2020

If you need to make your shower floor anti-slippery or you need equipment that will aid in trapping shower water hence directing it to the drain, you should get a shower pan. Shower pans have come to revolutionize how showers are being built and structured today. They not only act as a water-proof barrier but they offer the needed grip thus enhancing safety in the shower.

This not only reduces the possibility of you falling in the shower but also helps protect your beautiful marble or tile floor. Which are the best shower pans you might ask?

Well, in this review, we will offer you detailed research on the best and superior quality shower pans.

Top Shower Pans:


Product Name



DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600-22

The Schluter Kerdi Wall

DreamLine SlimLine Shower pan

Tile Redi 3560CBF Shower Pan

KOHLER K-1938-0 FBA_K-1938-0

Recommended Of Top 5 Shower Pans Product Reviews

1.DreamLine SlimLine DLT-1136600-22 shower Pan-Easy to install

The Dreamline Slimline makes the list of the best shower pans that are available in the market place today. It mostly comes in a bright biscuit color which adds a form of elegance in the shower. The shower pan has a center drain base which means the moment the shower water hits the floor, it drains immediately.

The base type is single threshold and when it comes to its installation, the shower pan can be installed on different floor bases which may include tiles, marbles, unfinished floors just to mention a few.

It has a slip grip surface that offers the needed grip and this enhances your own safety. For easy maintenance of the shower pan, it is made of fiberglass and a premium non-porous acrylic material that is long-lasting hence enabling it to keep a brand new beautiful look for long. Since it is heavy duty and durable, it eliminates any flexing of the shower gun when it is stepped on.

Its size is 36 by 60 by 2 ¾ inches and it is important to note that the drainage usually fits standard two types of drain pipes. It’s fast and easy to install and weighs just 49 pounds.


1. It comes with slip-resistant patterns

2. A non- porous gloss coating which keeps it shinning.

3. It’s easy to install.

4. Made using strong fiberglass which makes it durable


1. It can only be fitted in a rectangular-shaped shower floor.

2. Expertise needed when installing.

2.The Schluter Kerdi Wall Line Drain Shower Tray-Polystyrene Material- kerdi shower pan reviews

This shower pan has a distinct look and design. Just by looking at it, you can tell its uniqueness and quality. But its features and specifications are what make it one of the best shower pans you can come across.

The shower pan is made from polystyrene material and it offers a slope design to accommodate the linear drain concept by Kerdi. It offers both center and side drainage and it all depends on your preference. The material makes it completely waterproof hence can offering better protection to the floor you intend to lay the tray on.

If you have a curbless shower and you were wondering which the best shower pan is for this, then you need not worry. The Schluter Kerdi wall line drain shower tray offers you with options and in case of curbless shower, the parameter heights are reduced to help in proper installation. Also to mention, its installation is easy but you might need some form of expertise.

It comes in different colors depending on your favorite and it weighs just 13 pounds. The shower pan measures 46 by 29 by 4.5 inches in size.


1. The shower pan has a unique look.

2. It comes in different colors.

3. Can be used in curbless showers.

4. Offers variety when it comes to drainage points


1. The installation process needs to be followed in detail.

2. Mortar needed for installation.

3. DreamLine SlimLine Shower pan DLT-1132480-Longer lifespan

Among the shower pans, you will find the Dreamline slimline shower pan DLT-1132480. It’s a model that is common with many because of its top quality. It measures 32 by 48 by 2 ¾ inches and the shower pan weighs 42 pounds.

It comes in different colors thus offering you variety and its drainage style is located at the center. It can be installed on different surfaces and they may include unfinished floor or wall and cement board just to mention a few. The material used is fiberglass and it has anti-slip patterns which offer safety.

The strong fiberglass makes it a more durable shower pan. With its premium acrylic gloss finishing, the shower pan is protected against staining hence keeping its brand new look for a long time.

 It easy to install and the manufacturer has made sure that its base is strong enough to keep it from bending or flexing when it is stepped on. This shower pan has been designed with durability in mind hence a longer lifespan.

Therefore if you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new one and you need a shower pan, this specific type might be a picture-perfect choice.


1. The price is pocket-friendly.

2. Easy to install.

3. Slip resistance floor.

4. It’s hard for it to get stained.


1. Can only be found on a specific platform

2. It mostly comes in white color.

4.Tile Redi 3560CBF Shower Pan-Most Recommended

The best shower pans offer uniqueness when it comes to their features. This Tile Redi 3560CBF shower pan, gives you exactly that, exclusivity. It can be a superior alternative when compared to other shower pans since just by its sleek design, it stands out.

It has a center drainage point on the plate which is the most recommended. The shower pan is leak-proof thus, whether you are placing it on a cemented floor, it will be protected against damage from water. The shower pan comes with a chromed plate for drainage that is laid on top of the pan.

Its installation is easy and expertise is not necessarily required that is if you can follow the set installation manual. The price of the shower is pocket-friendly and it has a designer look to compliment your shower space. It is important to note that the Tile Redi shower plan comes in different designs and sizes for you to choose from. The drain location can also vary and it all depends on where you need it.

At the entrance point, the plate height has been reduced to keep you from tripping and falling.


1. It’s easy to install.

2. It is leak-proof.

3. Incorporates a designer look.

4. The price is fair. The shower pan is durable


1. The installation process might take a long time.

2. Limited colors. Mortar required for installation.

5.KOHLER K-1938-0 FBA_K-1938-0 Shower Base

Last on the best shower pans list is the KOHLER K-1938-0 FBA_K-1938-0 Shower Base. If you need a shower pan that is easy and stress-free to install, this would make the best choice.

It measures 66 inches long and 36 inches wide and it has a low design when it comes to its height thus give you easy access in and out of the shower. This shower pan doesn’t need mortar for its installation and this is something that you don’t find in many shower pans.

Basically, this shower pan is ready-made and all you have to do is lay it on the bathroom floor and you are good to go. For durability, its core is made of strong concrete and the pan has an acrylic coating that makes it easy to clean thus helping it keep its original look. It has a center drain that is known to offer convenience. According to the manufacturer, this can be an alternative instead of using tiles.

The Kohler is easy to maintain and another feature that makes it stand out is its ability to not leak water. It weighs 139 pounds and has a rectangular shape.  


1. It doesn’t need mortar for installation.

2. Wonderful sleek design.

3. Easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. It is leak proof.

4. Low threshold.


1. It is heavy.

2. This pan requires several individuals to install it.

Tips on Choosing the Best Shower Pans

If you are going to buy a shower pan or base, you need to be armed with some considerations which will allow you to buy one that will suit your needs best. These include:

The price.

Before buying a product, you should consider the price first. Manufacturers are always trying to create a competitive environment when producing and selling products. That’s why you will find a product with superior features and a pocket-friendly price. This creates an advantage for the buyer. Thus, when you are looking for a shower pan, make sure the price is right but don’t sacrifice the features for the price.

Installation process.

The installation process should be less cumbersome. Even though many shower pans will require some form of expertise to install, the process should not be so complicated.

Slip resistance.

When it comes to safety, the best shower pans will accommodate this. You don’t want a shower pan which is slippery because we know this can have detrimental results if you happen to fall in the shower. Hence, make sure that the shower pan is slip-free before buying it.


The best shower pan is one that is leak proof. If a shower pan leaks water to the floor under, it can create problems in the whole house. Molds may start growing from the shower and this could bring health problems. Thus, make sure that the shower pan is leak-proof before acquiring one.

The ease in maintenance and cleaning.

A shower pan should be easy to clean. To avoid them from staining, some shower pans will have an acrylic gloss cover. This greatly helps in the maintenance of the shower pan. Hence, you should consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance if you are to get a superior shower pan for your bathroom.

Other Considerations

  • The threshold level which eases entrance and exit from the shower.
  • The design and whether it helps complement the shower room.
  • The color of the shower pans, it is important to realize that they come in different colors.

Which Is The Best Shower Pan Option?

In this review, we have looked at the five best shower pans their benefits and cons. But which is the best shower pan among them all?

Considering the features and other factors, I pick the DreamLine Slimline DLT-1136600-22 as the best shower can on the list. It is a product that offers a lot and if you install it in your bathroom, it might exceed your expectations because of its superiority. It has a wonderful design that will match up to the design of the bathroom. It drains water from the center and the pans threshold is low thus easing your movement in and out of the shower.

Even though the installation may require some mortar, it’s usually fast and easy. It offers safety since its surface is made using a slip grip material hence reducing the possibility of you slipping while in the shower. It is made from fiberglass which incorporates durability. For easy maintenance, the shower pan is covered with an acrylic gloss which keeps it shiny and from getting stains. This acrylic material will aid in keeping the shower pan from leaking water and keeps it looking brand new.

With this shower pan, you will not be disappointed when you buy it and I can highly recommend it.

Who Needs This Particular Product?


If you are a homeowner who is building or renovating a bathroom, this product should be perfect for you. It helps bring out a modern look for your shower room but that’s not it all. This product also offers safety that most tiles or marbles might not. Therefore, if you need your shower room to look brilliant and safe, then you need this particular product.


When designing a hotel, the shower room is the most sensitive part that needs maximum focus and attention. It is always best to have the bathrooms looking elegant and beautiful if you want to attract customers. Also, since hotels are frequented by many people, the safety standard should be high. What better way to enhance all this than installing shower pans?

Final Verdict 

Shower pans are being incorporated into modern bathrooms today more than ever before. Therefore, we can say that with a best shower pan, you raise the standards of your bathroom because they incorporate many features but the most crucial is the bathroom safety. This is the number one reason that I would suggest a shower pan. But there are many other reasons why I would recommend this product as you can see in this review.

As we have realized the shower pans come with distinct features and their installation may vary from one shower base to the other. It all depends on which one you go for but with this review, you get a clear understanding of the best shower pans and this gives you an easy time when choosing the most superior shower base.

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