What Is The Best Vinyl Fence Solutions to Decorate Your Residential and Why?


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: October 24, 2020

Best Vinyl Fence


Best Vinyl Fence

Property owners often face the torment of trespassers and intrusive neighbors. To avoid such disturbances, a convenient alternative is to surround the perimeter with a solid fencing system.

Wooden and Aluminum fences may seem tempting but their maintenance alone consumes a lot of time and money. The best vinyl fences are one-stop solutions that need very little care. 

Let's see what a Vinyl fence is and then find out what it does.

What is Vinyl Fence? 

The Vinyl fence is a plastic variant of the traditional wooden fences made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The material in combination with certain additional ingredients gives strongest vinyl fence more strength and durability. There are some drawbacks in comparison with other types of fences but overall it is a comparatively budget-friendly alternative than other fence materials.

Install a Vinyl fence on any property to give it an instant uplift and avail the benefits of this hassle-free fencing option. It is a one-time investment with a tremendous Return on Investment. But to understand its advantages knowing its purpose becomes mandatory.

Vinyl Fence Purpose and Installation 

A vinyl fence serves the same purpose as any other fence, it protects and establishes a property line. The fence acts as a barrier against intruders and keeps out animals and dust (in case of privacy fences).

Before installation, inform all the respective authorities and call 811 to get details of the underground utilities. For the installation, follow each step as given in the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer with the best Vinyl fence panels.

Vinyl Fence Advantages 

Vinyl fences offer more endurance than other fencing alternatives. It does not warp, blister or rot like wood nor does it chip, or corrode like aluminum. Another major advantage is that a Vinyl fence needs very little maintenance.

Have one less thing to worry about after installing a Vinyl fence as it never needs sanding, staining, or painting. With the least amount of labor redeem the fence from any mold or unsightliness. Such fences have the appeal of wooden fences without additional maintenance costs.

Vinyl fences look great in the initial days but what about a few years down the road? They continue to complement your property just as much. With premium-quality vinyl, landlords can avoid staining or painting the fence. Maintaining the fence is much easier and needs nothing more than a standard garden hose.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vinyl Fence Review-Best value

Considering different factors before settling for a fence increases the chances of buying the most suited panel. Same is the case for the best Vinyl Fences.

Is it Thick Enough?

The fence’s thickness determines its durability and allows it to survive the worst catastrophes. This is the first aspect to cover before getting to the finalities such as the cost of the fence. Buying a low-quality fence only because of low rates is a sloppy decision. Similarly, a higher rate does not guarantee better quality and thickness. Therefore, it becomes important to compare options carefully.

Does it Include Interior Reinforcements?

Interior reinforcements stabilize the Vinyl fence by providing sturdiness. Interior ribbing in the pickets and galvanized steel in the bottom rails are ideal forms of reinforcements.

How Long Does the Warranty Last?

Vinyl fences may cost less than other fence materials but they are not cheap. A good warranty period proves beneficial if any damage occurs to the fence. Look for a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty.

Is the Installation Simple?

The installation process affects the overall expense of the fence. How?

It is practically impossible to install a fence without professional help for difficult procedures.

A simple installation may demand a bit of hard work yet the possibility of figuring it out yourself remains high.

Do You Wish to Dig a Hole in the Yard?

Traditional Vinyl fences demand a complex approach to ensure endurance. Inserting terminal posts into the ground requires digging up the area and then sealing it with concrete when done. This step can, however, be avoided by using the No-Dig variants of Vinyl fences. They generally come with pipes or stakes which are directly pushed into the ground.

Here is an assortment of the best Vinyl fences along with a list of their pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Vinyl Fences Alternatives-Find the Top Pick

1. Veranda White Vinyl Linden Pro Privacy Fence Panel Kit

A vinyl fence is a long-term investment, you cannot settle for anything but the best. The Veranda White Vinyl Linden Pro Privacy Fence Panel Kit is the most expensive option out of all the listed products but proves worthy of every dollar. For extremely windy areas, the fence’s height may cause distress but it is the best privacy fence on the list. It is a traditional vinyl fence which means a more complex installation but more stability.

One pack includes 18 Vinyl unassembled boards and 2 rails that form one panel. The height and width of the panel are 6 feet by 8 feet which is seemingly larger than most competitors.


1. Seamless Design for Different Terrains

2. Its tough PVC design works well under different conditions and provides more security with its 6 feet high panels. Also, putting together the panels using different approaches becomes possible.

3. From simple do-it-yourself to a professional approach, the fence’s installation is a breeze. The design and construction of the Vinyl panels support low maintenance with the advantage of high quality.

4. Lightweight and Easy Installation

5. The material used is not heavy allowing quick installation. As it is a traditional vinyl fence the installation process requires more time but finishes effortlessly.

6. Offers variety when it comes to drainage points

7. Withstands Against Rain and Moisture

8. The Veranda White Vinyl Linden Pro Privacy Fence Panel Kit serves as a strong and durable privacy fence. It remains unaffected by the humidity and rain which keeps it just as new for a long time.


1. More Expensive Than Other Products

2. Needless to say, the great quality of the product comes at a cost. For projects with a tight budget, the kit may not be very budget-friendly.

2. Not Suitable for Windy Areas

2. The height of the panels seems like an obstacle in front of the heavy gusts. Therefore, it is not favorable for regions that encounter frequent storms.

2. Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence Kit (2 Pack)

Even though Zippity Outdoors is not the most experienced manufacturer, outdoor vinyl products are their specialty. The company has been n around for decades now and develops high-quality vinyl fences. Over the years the Vinyl fences manufactured by them have gathered a huge following.

The Manchester Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence by far is the easiest to install and just as simple to uninstall. The Semi-Permanent design replaces the steel anchors with molded vinyl spikes which can easily be pushed into the ground. The kit includes a total of 184 inches (15.3ft) of fence to surround any property.


1. Virtually Maintenance Free

2. Spend more time enjoying with loved ones rather than maintaining the fence. The PVC material used is a weather-resistant variant designed to last longer. It requires no painting or staining, a simple spray of water from a garden hose will keep its look intact for years saving the maintenance costs.

3. Requires Little to No Digging. The Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence Kit Comes with stakes that can directly be pushed into the ground. This makes the installation faster and easier. There is no need to tear up your yard by digging deep holes to install this fence.

4. Classic Picket Design, The picket design is a timeless classic maintaining the aesthetic of your yard. To ensure the installation of panels is at 90°, joiner clips hold them together. The terminal posts come with the panels and the kit is not very expensive.


1. Vinyl Stakes, A major concern is that the stakes are made of Vinyl, making this fence inadequate for keeping larger pets contained. For areas with tougher soil pushing the stakes into the ground can result in bending.

2. Not Very Stable, The lack of a mature installation technique does not give the fence a lot of stability. This may compromise its ability to withstand extreme conditions.

2. Overall, the Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent fence does a great job to contain small animals and children.

3. WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Classic-Best Vinyl Picket Fence with Post and Cap

The Vinyl fences from WamBam may not top most lists but offer a blend of quality and reasonable price making it every landlord’s dream. First, the fence is 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide making it the second-largest option on our list. The WamBam Traditional Premium Classic Vinyl Picket Fence is further reinforced with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing of the Vinyl panels. The pack comes with omnidirectional posts which can spread across the property. Being a traditional vinyl fence, it offers much more stability than the no-dig alternatives.

The kit includes 13 pickets with caps, 1 post and cap, top and bottom rails, and screws to hold the rails in place. The only thing this pack excludes is a finishing post which is essential to finish the fence.


1. Designed to Endure the Test of Time

2. The fence incorporates weather-resistant material designed specially to survive longer. The PVC protects the fence from rotting, splinters, and degradation in the sun. The WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Classic Vinyl Picket Fence endures against the test of time.

3. Virtually Maintenance Free, Again, a Vinyl fence needs very little to no maintenance. A simple splash of water cleans away all the dirt that accumulates with time. The mono-extruded professional grade vinyl sports UV inhibitors as additional reinforcements.

4. Easy Assembly and Installation. The 4-way posts look great and offer a more forgiving installation. There is no need to worry about the order of the posts. Simply insert the horizontal rails into the groove and fasten the included white head screws on them. This gives you not only a strong fence but also a visually appealing fence. The installation in different terrains is a breeze with the 4-way technology.


1. Not Antimicrobial

2. The only drawback perhaps is that the fence is not antimicrobial. This means that the fence cannot fight against any harmful microbes. The result is that the fence’s exposure to microbes becomes inevitable.

4. Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19002 Fence Newport, 36” H x 72” W, White

Zippity Outdoor Products takes Vinyl Picket fences a step further with this inexpensive Picket Fence. Although it is not the least expensive fence in the market, it surely meets the criteria of quality and reasonability. Picking a budget-friendly fence may not be the best option at times as it means giving up on performance. But this Picket Fence by Zippity Outdoor Products sacrifices nothing to manufacture and sell the product at such a price.

It may be shortest fence (3 feet tall and 6 feet wide) on this list, but the quality is far from excellent. Another reason to invest in this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and UV inhibitors.


1. No Dig Installation

2. Instead of digging holes in the ground and filling them with concrete use a sledgehammer to push the pipe into the ground. Maintain the beauty of your yard and install the fence with ease. Every panel comes with a single post and every project needs a post to finish the panel.

3. Premium Quality Vinyl. The fence contains UV inhibitors which keep your fence in mint condition for years. The high-quality vinyl makes the picket fence more durable and strong.

4. Includes Necessary Infrastructure for Installation

4. Includes Necessary Infrastructure for Installation. The Zippity Outdoor Products Newport Fence comes with all the infrastructure needed to successfully install the fence such as caps, stainless steel screws and so on.


1. Not Very High

2. The main issue of this fence is that it is only 3’ high. That is not much when compared with the other vinyl fences. If you own a big dog then this fence may not be the best option.

2. Permanent Fence

2. The easy installation by driving a pipe into the ground does not mean the fence uninstalls the same way. It is a permanent fence which cannot be easily taken out once installed.

5. WamBam No-Dig BL19101 Nantucket-Best Picket Vinyl Fence, White

Wambam vinyl fence takes pride in its range of DIY vinyl fences. A WamBam pocket vinyl fence does not need specialists tools for installation and boasts some of the best fencing options for landlords. With the WamBam No-Dig Picket Vinyl Fence, the company has taken the traditional Picket Fence a step further with its patent No-Dig technology. They made sure that not only does the fence need minimal tools but also the least amount of time for installation. For this reason, the fence is a top runner in the dig Vinyl fencing industry and our list.

The kit includes 1 Fence Panel, 1 Post, 1 Post Cap, 1 Steel No-Dig Anchor Kit, 4  Brackets, 2 Leveling Donuts. Out of all the Vinyl fence kits, the Nantucket kit is the only one that includes leveling donuts.


1. Save Installation Time

2. The WamBam No-Dig Picket Vinyl Fence Kit includes the company’s patented No-dig technology. It means that your backyard remains intact as it eliminates the need for digging holes. As a result, the time consumed by the concrete mixture to set is also avoided. Also, the panels are the lightest thus far. This makes it easier for a single person to install them without any trouble.

3. Withstands 75mph Wind. 

4. The fence can survive category one hurricanes as it is Wind-Test certified. The video of the test is publicly available on the company’s website to prove the endurance and strength of the fence in extreme conditions. This is because the infrastructure included with the fence is extremely well-made with high-quality materials.

4. Lifetime Warranty, Along with the included UV inhibitors, the fence kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The professional-grade Vinyl designed to hold up against splitting, cracking, and yellowing gives the fence a long life as it is. But with the warranty, WamBam ensures that the product performs well over time.

4. Hassle-free Maintenance. The product is of premium quality and can withstand strong gusts. This makes it easy to clean and maintain significantly cutting down the cost of maintenance, unlike wooden fences. With Vinyl, you don’t need to worry about staining and painting after installation. The fence's design and material allow quick and easy maintenance.


1. Not Easy to Remove

2. Once installed the fence is practically impossible to remove which makes it difficult to uninstall. It fits into the ground without digging deep holes but to remove the fence using hydraulic equipment becomes mandatory.


A Vinyl fence is a strong, durable alternative for traditional wooden fences. All the goods listed are of good quality and exceptional in performance. But, if budget is not a concern and the area is not as windy, we suggest the Veranda White Vinyl Linden Pro Privacy Fence Panel Kit. It is a high-quality product and covers more ground than the rest. And if digging a hole in your backyard is not a possibility, then we recommend the WamBam No-Dig BL19101 Nantucket Picket Vinyl Fence.

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