Christmas Lights May Overload Your Circuits If You Don’t Do This

Christmas Lights May Overload Your Circuits If You Don’t Do This

We are all happy that Christmas time is finally here!

This is the time when we take our holiday decorating ideas to the next level as we enjoy with our loved ones. Amid all that, there is one real concern that many are not aware of –overloaded circuits. While overloaded circuits are not going to make the mains transformer in your neighborhood to blow up, breakers in your home will certainly do so and cause possible fire hazards. That is why we have decided to share with you some ways of avoiding this electrical overload.

Where Circuit Overload Starts

Behind your household electrical outlet there is an electrical circuit whose rating is normally more than 15A. You will also get that the newer homes are also designed with several 20A rated circuits – the same holds in outdoor and garage outlets.

Let us begin by understanding what an amp rating means and how many electrical appliances we can safely connect to an outlet. The amp rating defines the number of devices or lights that can safely be connected to the outlet without making the circuit breaker to trip. Professionally, we are advised not to connect devices to the outlet whose rating is more than 80% of the stated amp rating. For instance, if we have a 20-amp rated circuit, we should never connect more than 16 amps to it. 12-amps devices will also be enough for a 15-amps rated circuit. If you have some Christmas lights that you need to connect to a single circuit, begin by adding the total amperage of the lights so that you do not overload the circuit.

How Is The Amperage Calculated? 

Your light sets are normally delivered with a package which in most cases has a stated amperage. When you fail to notice it on the packaging, you can check the light cord or the tag. If the provided value is an amperage rating, you have a value to work with. But if the value is in terms of watts or wattage, then you must go ahead and divide the provided figure by 120 to get the amperage.

For instance, if the tag indicates 250 watts, then (250/120 = 2.08) will be the amperage draw. You can then use up to 6 tags on a single circuit – though 5 of them will be safer. If the Christmas lights are sharing the same circuit with another appliance, then the power will not be enough for the lights.

In some instances, several light fixtures or outlets might be served by one circuit. If you notice that, then you have to take other lights to a different circuit so that an overload cannot be reached. To find out which outlets are being served by a single circuit, start by turning off different circuit breakers and identify the ones that share the same circuit. The outlets which do not have power when the breaker is off get their power from the same source.

Avoid Devices Overload

Have you ever known that there is a real danger when you use those inexpensive screw-in adapters? If you are going to plug your Christmas lights into them, there may be a potential overload. If you must use these adapters, ensure they are in good working condition and that they perfectly fit with the base of the fixture. Also, do not exceed the stipulated wattage rating on the light fixture or the adapter. That means all outdoor Christmas lights should not be run on a single fixture – you risk causing a fire if you attempt to do that. Even when the adapters are of a good working condition, never overload them with numerous light strings.

LED Lights Offer A Better Solution

When compared to the conventional incandescent lights, an efficiency of more than 75% is presented by LED lights. On top of solving the overload problems, deciding to use LEDs over the traditional lights saves up to seven times of what you could have spent on your electrical bill. You can research on recommended LED products from several online websites when you need to spend on one. Though such products can be a bit costly compared to the conventional lights, they last longer – which accounts for that.You may also read Dust Extractor Reviews click here.

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