Your Guide To Replacing Your Bathroom Fan Without Attic Access.

Your Guide To Replacing Your Bathroom Fan Without Attic Access

Your Guide To Replacing Your Bathroom Fan Without Attic Access

You need to replace your bathroom fan but are worried about not having attic access? With this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to easily – and safely – replace your smart bathroom ban without having to break into the attic. Not only you don’t need attic access, but you’ll also see that it’s way easier than you may have expected!

Things to consider:
  1. If you know what type of fan you have installed, you can simply go to the hardware store and buy a new one.
  2. If you don’t know what type of fan you previously had, you can simply buy a new fan and blade at the store. However, keep in mind that replacing the entire fan will be easier.
  3. In this guide we will cove how to replace the fan and keep using the old switch. If you want to have a different switch, you’ll also need to buy the switch and a wire, which will take a little bit longer.

Part 1: Removing the old fan

Before starting any operation involving electricity, you absolutely need to turn off the power. You don’t want to have an accident while replacing your fan.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to replace this piece during the day if you have any windows in your bathroom. Since you’re turning off the power, you won’t be able to see anything if you’re doing this at night!

If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you should prepare some independent illumination system in order to clearly see what you are working on. You can ask a family member or a friend to hold a lantern for you!

This step is very simple – you just have to remove the fan cover. In order to release the pressure, you can take the cover from the clips that should be located on one side. You have to press these inwards, pick the cover and set it aside.

Once you’ve removed the fan, you’ll be able to see a tray that holds the fan motor. You’re going to push that tray away from the center with one hand in order to release the pressure off of the clamps. You’re going to take it and remove it.

Now, you’re going to loosen the two mounting bolds and, using a pair of pliers, you’re going to remove the nuts.

Part 2: Build the fan back

It’s time to put the fan back into place. You’re going to put the electric cord through the center of the hole. Next, you’ll have to put the mounting bolds back in the holes, and assemble the nuts back. To do it correctly, you will have to adjust the nuts and tighten them with the pliers to avoid future problems. Keep in mind: if you don’t tighten it enough, you’ll get a vibration from the fan motor and it could potentially break the fan blade! So, when you’re finished, make sure it’s tight enough.

Now, you’re going to put the fan back inside. You’ll notice two flares on the side that will match two holes that you’ll see in the inside of the box. First, you have to put those into the holes.

Once you have done that, let the rest slide into place. You will notice that you’re not finished: you’ll have to make a little extra pressure because there are two more flares and holes in the opposite side. Gently, apply some pressure until the flares click into place.


you have to take the outlet and plug it back it. Don’t forget this if you want your fan to turn back on!

In this next step, you’ll take the trim and the light. You have to slide the light into the trim. Make sure that your cable goes through the trim: you have to make sure you can access it from the other side. Plug the cable in and set the light down.

You’ll adjust it so that a bolt comes out through a little hole in the center and reattach the nut to hold it all into place. Make sure it is tight!

Finally, you can put your cover back into place. Make sure it clicks and… You’re done!

You’ve just replaced your bathroom exhaust fan without having to access the attic. At the end, don’t forget to turn the power back on!

As you’ve seen from this guide, replacing a high flow bathroom fan without attic access is definitely possible and can be done by almost anyone with minimal experience. Of course, it could have been easier if attic access was available, but it gets the job done.

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