How To Decorate A Bathroom Space On A Budget-Cool Ideas You Should Try


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

How To Decorate A Bathroom Space On A Budget

Decorating is one way of improving an unappreciated and dull-looking room. Bathrooms are one of the most neglected places in our homes. Probably it is because they are hidden far away from the public eye. The possibilities for home improvement are endless.  Simple fixes such as changing the flooring and lighting make a big difference.  

What happens when you are on a tight budget?  It is a depressing thought to many. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to achieve that. Your imagination determines the final look even when on a tight budget. The idea is to set realistic decoration plans based on your budget.

The Rule of the Thumb- Keep it Simple

It is crucial not to chock your bathroom space even as you embark on your decoration plans. Having a minimalist look eases your budget and gives the room an elegant and updated look without breaking the bank. Reduce clutter and invest in pieces and fixtures that blend with the rest of the room.

How To Decorate A Bathroom Space On A Budget

Here are a few budget-friendly tips that will transform your bathroom without costing a fortune. Simple adjustments bring dramatic effects that give an updated feel and look. Read on!

Color Scheme

Changing your bathroom’s color scheme creates a significant impact. Go for any tile or sandstone combination that you fancy. Most of the materials are not expensive and would give your bathroom an elegant look.

Go for a neutral color scheme if you have small space. Alternatively, you can blend some bright colors with neutral or bold wall color. Use accessories such as towels, curtain showers, or a rug to brighten up the bathroom.

Another option is using stickers if you cannot or do not wish to change your wall color. The stickers are big, and they dramatically improve the room’s appearance. Also, the stickers are affordable options for anyone on a budget.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is an eyesore and gives the bathroom an unappealing look. There are so many things in our bathrooms that we rarely use ranging from personal effects to shared accessories. Such items take up space that can be filled with accessories that we use regularly. The common clutter culprits include makeup, medicines, and other personal effects.

Replace the clutter with items such as scented candles that give the room an updated look.  It is essential to have a designated spot for all things as it reduces the clutter. Also, it is easy to find any item that one wishes to use without rummaging through unnecessary stuff.


Proper lighting gives an unappreciated bathroom a new look. The good news is that the fixtures and the lighting do not have to be expensive. Invest in new fixtures and insert lights up your ceiling creates a sense of tranquility. You can also invest in a chandelier to give the room of a sophisticated look.

Get creative with the storage

The storage method chosen affects the appearance of the space. For starters, choose a style that fits your design. It may be a simple and inexpensive corner organizer or tubs/baskets placed under the sink. Better still; take advantage of vertical spaces (add cupboards and shelves) especially if you have a small space. Installing towel hooks come in handy as they hold a variety of items and occupy minimal space. Repaint the old cabinets (if any) to give the room a new feel

Stick to white fixtures

Let your basic fixtures such as the toilet, sinks, and tubs remain white if you are on a budget. You can install white tiles for the backsplash, floor, or area surrounding the tub. However, that does not mean that the entire room has to be plain and boring. You can complement the white look with some colorful window shades, fresh wall paint, bright towels, or some artwork.

Replace old hardware

Does your towel rack or cabinet knob appear too old ruining your bathroom’s look? We understand replacing faucets and sink is a costly affair. Fortunately, replacing old hardware in your bathroom gives it an updated look. If you love DIY, you can install a bamboo rack towel hanger or a storage cabinet for your toiletries. They give your room an elegant look without digging deep into your pockets.

Accentuate your walls with decorative pieces

Barren walls make a room look bland and boring, even for the minimalists.  Fortunately, there are budget-friendly artwork and wall accessories that will brighten up your bathroom. A simple piece of artwork or architectural design on a plain wall makes a great difference. Pick whatever accessories and decorative pieces that fit your design and budget.

Strategic Placement

Place a strategic object that will become the focal point of the room. It may be a mirror, a fixture that draws attention, or a window.   Using a mirror as a focal has numerous advantages. For starters, it makes a room appear big by creating an illusion of space.  You can place just at the right spot where it will reflect on an exciting aspect of the room such as unique fixtures.

Smooth the rough edges

Do you have any items that give your bathroom a rough edge such an “ugly” curtain, or a rug that does not blend with anything else in the room? The trick is to find fun fabrics with soft edges. Replace your curtain with a non-sew window treatment that makes the room more homely and relaxing. Invest in shower curtains and rugs that blend well with the rest of the bathroom décor.


Decorating your bathroom, even when on a tight budget, should not be nerve-wracking. For starters, your creativity and imagination make all the difference. Also, making simple adjustments and adding decorative pieces gives the room a dramatic yet elegant change.  You do not have to break the bank to get the bathroom of your dreams and imagination.

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