Should I Install Standard Toilet or Wall Hung Toilet? Need to know Everybody


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Should I Install Standard Toilet or Wall Hung Toilet

Should I Install Standard Toilet or Wall Hung Toilet? If you are constructing a bathroom or about to renovate, do think about the kind of toilet to install. The question about the toilet is whether to install a wall-mounted or standard toilet. The difference is simply as they sound. The standard toilet is the one that is frequently used and it is based on the floor. The wall hung toilet simply means that no part of the system touches the floor. It is wholly installed on the wall.

Before we look at the advantages and the disadvantages of each, lets preview what to consider when buying a bidet toilet combo.

Question: Should I Install Standard Toilet or Wall Hung Toilet?

Bathroom Size and Design

It is always prudent to take keen attention to the size and the design of your bathroom before buying a toilet. This is what determines its shape, size, and type of installation.

What Bathroom Budget Do You Have?

How cheap or expensive the toilet is sometimes is determined by the budget allocated. For example, wall hung toilets are a bit expensive. You must have a good budget if you would like to install one.

Think About your Personal Taste 

Your own preference at times takes preference in buying a toilet. Sometimes people buy very expensive Composting toilets because they feel a lot of attachment to them. Personal preference is also key.

What about the Aesthetic Concerns?

The priority you place on the bathroom defines the kind of toilet you can have. If to you the bathroom's look doesn’t matter, any toilet is good for you. If you like seeing a nice looking bathroom, you need to decide with care.

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The Standard Toilet

These are the commonly used the toilets that are mounted on the floor. This means that all the system runs from the floor upwards. The seat is on the floor and the water tank is mounted behind it. These toilets have many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each side.

Pros of a Standard Toilet

1.Easy to Install

Installing a standard toilet doesn’t require a lot of specialty and expertise. Although only trained plumbers should do the installation, the work is simple and little.

Their installation cannot compare in any way to wall hung toilets which require so much expertise and a lot of plumbing work.

2.Cheap to Purchase

Generally, standard toilets are inexpensive. You can get a complete unit at very affordable prices. Installation is also cheap.

3.Varieties of Design

Standard toilets have been in existence for a very long time. This way, they have seen frequent advancements. As a result, these toilets have developed many designs and styles. The buyer has the advantage of putting his/her personal taste to the purchase.

4.Easy to Repair

Just like installation, repairs are very easy. Since the whole toilet unit is there on the floor, repairs are easy. Everything is easily accessible to the plumber.

5.Compatibility with any Bathroom

Standard toilets enjoy a great advantage of being easily compatible with any kind of bathroom. Different from wall hung toilets that can’t work with some bathrooms, this type can be installed anywhere.

Cons of Standard Toilets

1.Tough to Clean

Cleaning a standard toilet is harder and takes a longer time than cleaning wall mount toilets. The traps in the standard toilets get stained by water and become hectic to clean.

2.Consumes Space

For people who have been exposed to wall hung toilet, standard seem to occupy so much visual space. Realistically, standard toilets occupy large floor space.

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are a new model of toilets that look like they have no tank. What does this mean? It is very simple. This toilet has its tank mounted and hidden in the wall.

Wall hung toilets are for the lovers of stylish, fashionable, minimalist and streamlined designs. The seat is attached to the wall at the height of the owner's desire. The flash is on the wall. Below the seat is some space to the floor.

The Hung Toilets

Pros of Wall Hung Toilets

1.Adjustable Height

The wall mount toilets are very flexible at the height of the seat. They allow you to set the seat where it suits you best. With customizable height, the toilet becomes very convenient.

Additionally, the height is set to suit persons living with a disability. For whoever that doesn’t like squatting so much, this is the toilet.

2.Sleek and Space Saving

With the tank installed deep into the wall, a lot of space is saved. Space is both physically and visually available. The space below the seat is also very important when it comes to cleaning. Generally, the bathroom looks very spacious.

3.Easy to Clean and Unclog

Cleaning a wall hung toilet is very easy. There is very little to clean. Only the bowl, the lid and the brim need cleaning. This way, you can simply do this with your brush and disinfectants. for the space below the seat, you can mop or do vacuum cleaning.

Clogging can only occur in one place which is accessible by the hand.

4.Aesthetically Smart

For the lovers of esthetics, this is the kind of toilet to take. It makes your bathroom look smart, fashionable and stylish. Picture a toilet without the tank. This also implies that there less noise as the tank fills up. The feeling is awesome and the stay enjoyable.

Cons of Wall Hung Toilets

1.Costly to Buy and Install

With this kind of innovativeness and invention, wall hung toilets are expensive to buy. The unit itself is expansive. At times, you may not be able to buy the whole unit together. Buying parts separately might turn out to be expensive.

Additionally, installation requires more time and more plumbing work than in standard toilets. This way, you will spend more money than with standard toilets.

2.Highly Technical Installation

Installing wall mount toilets is expensive and requires a lot of alterations on the wall. To install it, you will need to create a ledge wall. This is another thicker wall. A lot of plumbing work is done. Only experts should do this. If you are doing renovations, a lot of changes on the wall will be done.

3.Tough to Repair

Just like with installation, repairs are not easy to do. The main reason is that the unit is not easily accessible. This differs significantly with the standard toilet whose system is all together and easily accessible. A lot of work has to be done even before the repair of the unit begins.

Just like with installation, repairs are not easy to do. The main reason is that the unit is not easily accessible. This differs significantly with the standard toilet whose system is all together and easily accessible. A lot of work has to be done even before the repair of the unit begins.

Looking at these two toilets, you now stand informed. The decision on which toilet to install is greatly determined by what you consider important. What you want to see is what will determine which to buy. Each has its pros and cons. Weight them carefully.

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