Things To Consider For Safe Woodworking-Avoid Unnecessary Accidents

Things To Consider For Safe Woodworking

Most people believe that woodworking is not safe. But that is a wrong idea. It can be safe just like other tasks or activities. In fact, it is one of the safest and enjoyable hobbies you can ever do. If you have an interest in woodworking like my little son does, keep on reading because I’m about to share the things you need to consider to keep safe while doing your carpentry.

Be attentive 

One of the mistakes people make when doing woodworking is that they do not pay attention. They let disturbances get in the way of their work. This can without a doubt cause you to get into an accident. Another thing is doing woodworking when you are fatigued. Consider doing it when you are fresh and energetic. Fatigue is a safety risk as it influences our way of doing things such as decision making. Picking a machine when you are not feeling alert is a risk. The point here is that you should consider paying attention to yourself and the surrounding.

Follow the safety rules

It goes without saying that being obedient in every profession is key to avoiding problems. That is the same casein woodworking. If you do not comply with the commands, the chances are that you risk getting injured. The first rule you need to consider is to wear ear protection and safety glasses. If you deliberately avoid or forget to wear them, be sure something will fly from nowhere and hit you. Also, woodworking rules dictate that you avoid wherein loose clothing and hanging jewelry. Therefore, to enhance your safety consider wearing protective glasses and the proper working attire at all times. 

Keep your working area clean

Before you start working, ensure the area is clean, and there are no obstacles; things that will cause you to fall or cause injury to you. This will help to lessen your chances of slipping and falling on sharp objects that will cause harm to your body. Make sure you keep electric cables out of your way and clean any spillages as soon as you notice them. Avoid using an airline duster to clean machinery and sweeping up dust. Instead, vacuum the area.

Unplug blades

This is a simple tip to keep in mind but very crucial to every one person doing woodworking. If you want to change the accessories, always ensure that you disconnect the power. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a battery in a cordless tool or at the main. Always disconnect. Even if you are running against time, it will be much safe to unplug and complete your task first.  It is somewhat dangerous doing it when the power is on and getting injuries in the end. Disconnecting it will only take a few minutes of your time, but it pays.

Machinery handling and maintenance

Most people don’t care about the machine they are working with. From how you handle the tool to checking it, should be your obligation. It is good to inspect the device you plan to use before doing anything. If you get a metal or equipment which has not been used for such a long time, be sure to inspect it before doing your tasks. Such kind of tools is likely to cause havoc. Proper inspection of the material will help keep you safe throughout your woodworking day. Also, when working with narrow pieces of wood, ensure to combine them with a coping sled and hold them securely. Consider handling any machine, tool or equipment you use with care.

Use the right equipment

Another thing you need to consider is using the proper equipment. This can only be achieved if you spend in such tools. Just like you make sure your vehicle has enough petrol or diesel, ensure you get the right tools for the job. Using the wrong tool is the quickest way to getting injuries. Whether it is a chisel or gloves, or a welding shield, consider purchasing them.


There are several things you can contemplate doing to keep yourself safe as you do woodworking. However, this all depends on you. Even if you invest in the right equipment, if you do not properly maintain them, it is entirely meaningless. Finally, keep yourself safe by taking woodworking like any other activity or work. Take it like driving and be extra cautious when doing it.

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