The Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips -Every Home Owner Should Implement


By Mike Chua | Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips

When is the last time you remodeled your bathroom? 5-8 years ago maybe! Homeowners choose to remodel their bathroom every few years for numerous reasons. For instance, a couple may want a baby-friendly bathroom or others may wish to install features such as a spa to suit their style. Whatever the reason, bathroom remodeling is common that homeowners undertake.

What Are Some Of The Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips Every Home Owner Should Implement?

We all want renovating a bathroom that will reflect our style and give us the comfort level we desire. However, that calls for a delicate balance between getting the value for money without compromising on the quality. Choosing the right design and careful planning is the first step to successful bathroom remodeling.

Remodeling tips that will turn your dreams into reality include:

Bathroom Remodeling Planner: Even before you call the contractor, you need a remodeling plan. Who will be using the bathroom? What finishes and fixtures will you need? What is your budget? How long will the process take? Is it safe for use by children, the disabled, or the elderly?  Do you need to change the floor or enhance it?

For starters, always set aside some extra money that will cover any unexpected problems /expenses. Also, the project might take longer than expected. Resist the temptation to change the modelling plan midway unless you are willing to spend more or extend the completion date.

You can also contact a professional remodelling contractor when in doubt. Besides giving you valuable advice, they schedule meetings with the vendors and installers.

Bathroom Layout Options: The most common bathroom layout in most homes is the sink, best bathtub, and toilet. Some bathrooms will have extras such as the shower, or an extra sink for a household with several people. Other options include a customized bathroom with suite fixtures, built-in cabinets, matching cabinets, and unique installations.

Wet room bathrooms have a shower, without an enclosure, which allows the water to run through an installed drain. However, such a layout needs the entire room to be waterproof.

If you want an en-suite attached bathroom, consider installing an exhaust firm that will remove the moisture. Also, having a modern inlet valve reduces noise as the toilet tank refills. Do you want a powder room? The powder room or half-bathroom comes with a toilet and sink only and often situated at the entryway.  Choose a layout plan that suits your preference and design.

The Floor Plan: Most accidents that happen in the bathroom are fatal and slippery floors are the main culprit.  Do you intend to change your current flooring? Replacing the floor is an expensive venture and not entirely necessary. However, the contractor may recommend making some changes to the floor.

If you are on a limited budget, you can retain the same floor and add some new impressions that give it a new look. Polish up the floors to give it a new shine. Stone tiles, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are durable flooring options. Also, they are appealing to the eye and water resistant making them perfect and safe for the bathroom. Baseboard tiles are durable too and give an elegant finish.

Using Up The Available Bathroom Space: Some bathrooms can be too small making them hard to design. If you have space for expansion, install a free-standing soaking tub. If you have limited space, have a free-standing shower enclosure. It takes less space, and the bathroom looks less crowded.

Storage For Easy Maintenance: Imagine running out of tissue paper while in the bathroom and asking someone to pass it to you when guests are around? Awkward! Having a storage space in your bathroom saves you such mishaps. Consider having a storage facility; it may be a free-standing shelf or a storage cabinet in your new bathroom. It helps keep the bathroom organised and keeps everything within reach.

Incorporate Technology: Ignoring the technological advancements in today‚Äôs world is hard. If you can, take advantage of technology to spruce up your bathroom. Imagine having heated tile flooring or the custom controlled lighting that are cell phone controlled.

Other options include water-proof speakers or charging stations that enable to play music while relaxing in the tub. You can opt to incorporate technology that will help you unwind and relax.

The Lighting Design: Installing well- designed lighting brightens up the room and eliminates any shadows. It also gives the bathroom an elegant look. You can opt for ambient and overhead lighting that creates a soft glowing light. You do not want a too- bright light that blinds you or dim light that creates shadows.

Ventilation Options: Most homeowners overlook the ventilation aspect when remodeling. Poor ventilation causes a buildup of mould and mildew which ruins the expensive remodel, the walls, and floors. A fan with a timer comes in handy especially for those with a low ceiling or steam shower. You can also invest in a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture retention.

 Leave some room for ventilation in your shower panel. Having a frameless glass allows more air circulation that reduces the humidity.

Maximize your space: Try and use all the space in your bathroom. Invest in glass doors for the showers and tub to make the room appear large. Use pedestal sinks as they occupy minimal space. The tower cabinets, other storage cabinets, and towel racks should be placed above the combined toilet and bidet for those with limited space.

Have The Future In Mind: Do you plan to sell the house in future? The remodeling project should increase the sale value. If you intend to live in the house for a couple of years, go for a design that would fit your preference and style years later.


Remodeling your bathroom should not be a nerve-wracking affair. Pay attention to factors such as lighting, ventilation, the flooring, and maximizing the available space. Other aspects include storage space and if the remodeling will affect the sale value of the home.

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