Why Ventilating your Grow Tent is Important?

Why Ventilating your Grow Tent is Important?

Why Ventilating your Grow Tent is Important?

Do you wish to grow your own edible plants whenever and wherever you want?

While growing plants all year long in a limited space might seem like an impossible task, it is not.

With an indoor garden, you can produce wide range of plants year-round and can control or manipulate the nature of your produce by managing the amount of water, light and nutrients they get. An indoor garden needs only the amount of space you are willing to give it.

There are different ways to grow plants indoors. The technique that is gaining most popularity these days is the use of grow tents.

Grow tent is a compact tent or grow room having reflective interior and fabric exterior. The tent is usually made of canvas material and is stretched over a metal structure. You to hang your air filter, lights, and fan inside the tent. 

Grow tents have several benefits:

=>Provide portable and reusable indoor gardening space where you can grow plants safely with fast growth.

=>From flowers, fruits and vegetables to cannabis, there are various options that you can grow in grow tents.

=>Helps in cultivating plants irrespective of the climate outside and in any season.

=>Grow tents dramatically reduce the odor by trapping the odor inside of the tent and then by filtering the air through their filtration system.

=>Grow tents protect plants from bugs and insects that infest indoor plants.

=>Proper ventilation plays an important role in healthy plant growth and in controlling the environment of grow tents.

=>Plants benefit significantly from the indoor atmosphere.

Why do grow tents need ventilation?

Plants need to grow, and breathe, and for that, you need proper ventilation. Here is how good ventilation in grow tents help.

Growth and strength:

Plants given the right environment grow faster and a good breeze helps in strengthening the branches. Ventilation makes the stem stronger and firmer and helps plant in bearing more fruits.

Removing excessive heat:

Heat management within tents is a major issue faced by many indoor gardeners. The reflective interiors increase heat in the tent. The heat generated will increase the overall temperature of the room to harmful levels. A little change in the ideal temperature would affect plants growth and as a result the quality of produce will decrease. Ventilation helps the tent to get rid of the excess heat.

Control carbon dioxide levels:

Carbon dioxide level inside the tent gradually decreases which tends to reduce plants growth. Plants consume co2 during photosynthesis and need supply of new co2 for growth. Ventilation brings fresher air into tents and this ensures plants have enough co2 to consume and grow.

Control humidity levels:

Right humidity encourages rapid and healthy growth. All plants are different and will require different levels of humidity. Due to stagnant air and uncontrolled humidity plants will develop diseases. Plants will get infected with fungus, molds, and spider mites.

 High humidity can cause disease in your grow room and  low humidity can negatively impact growth, so it needs to be continuously monitored.  You can increase or decrease humidity using proper ventilation. It will replace the wet, warm air with cool, dry air.

How to Ventilate a Grow Tent? 

You can use the following tools to ventilate grow rooms.

Exhaust system:

Exhaust system remove the old air from the rooms and bring in fresh . Exhaust system uses fans and ducting to move hot and humid air out of grow rooms. You should install the exhaust fan at the top of the grow tent and exhaust system should replace the air in your grow room every minute. Read also Replacing Your Bathroom Fan

Oscillating fans:

Oscillating fans are cost effective and extremely easy to use. These fans are useful in keeping the temperature, and the humidity in your grow tent at optimum levels. Oscillating fans constantly blow air around your plants. This keeps the grow room cool and improves air circulation.

The number of oscillating fans to be used depend on the size of your grow tent. Large tents may require large fans or a bigger quantity of fans.

Ventilation helps your plants grow with controlled humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide. It also protects plants from pests and diseases. Combination of exhaust system and carefully placed oscillating fans replicate the outdoor environment and controls moisture levels. A simple ventilation system in your grow tent will result in a higher yield. Read also dust extractor.

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